The immune system is one of the essential systems in the human body. Its purpose is to identify any harmful element (microbe, bacteria) that enters your body and destroy it. This is your body’s first line of defense against various infections and illnesses. Thus, you should strive to keep it in good working condition. In this article we will answer a frequent question we get from people: can chiropractic boost your immunity?

What Is the Connection between Chiropractic and Immunity?

You may wonder – can I really try chiropractic for better immunity? This type of therapy is for neck and back pain and various other conditions associated with joints and the spine. That is correct. However, you should know that your immune system does not work independently from the brain.

Everything in your body is connected to the brain through nerves, even the various glands that form the immune system. And all the nerves pass through the spinal cord to meet the brain. Thus, when your spine is partially blocked or compressed by misaligned vertebrae, you get poor nerve function.

One of the functions which may be negatively affected by a spinal subluxation is the one controlling the immune system. 

How Can Chiropractic Boost Your Immunity?

In our clinic, patients come with a series of complaints: tense muscles, stiff neck, back pain, joint pain, etc. Many of them also suffer from various recurring health problems, all of them traceable to reduced immunity.

Here is one of the things that chiropractors learned over the year: chronic pain and stress can have a negative impact on your immunity. Your nervous system is focused on helping you cope with pain and/or stress, thus working overtime on this issue.

Meanwhile, you are experiencing poor appetite and a reduced energy level to be active and stay fit and healthy. Together, all these factors can make your immune system work less effectively.

Ways in Which Chiropractors Improve the Immune Function

Now, you probably want to hear about the practical ways in which chiropractic boosts your immunity. Here are some simple examples of procedures and their beneficial effect on your immune system:

1. Spinal Adjustments

Spinal adjustment is the most frequent type of chiropractic manipulation. Our chiropractors will identify the misalignment in your spine and apply manual adjustments to resolve it.

When the vertebrae regain their proper alignment, your spinal cord will pass signals from the brain to all parts of your body without obstructions or delays. 

2. Decompression

Spinal decompression is performed using a special table. The purpose of this procedure is to gently and safely stretch the spine, in order to relieve back pain or leg pain. Once you no longer have to live with chronic pain, you will be able to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. At the same time, your immune system will receive the proper signals from the brain, and it will regain its full function.

3. Massage

Chiropractic massage is specialized to provide pain relief, reduce muscle tension, and improve blood flow. As part of preventive and ongoing chiropractic care, massage helps patients:

  • Relieve pain
  • Improve muscle strength and flexibility
  • Recover after trauma faster.

It is also one of the ways in which chiropractic boosts your immunity, by helping you feel better and improving the overall nervous system function.

If you feel that your immunity is low, we can help you. Call our clinic to book and initial appointment and we will create a personalized chiropractic therapy plan for you to boost your immunity!