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Drugs and Their Side Effects Cause Their Own Problems

In today’s society when you think something physically is wrong, you take a pill. While this may temporarily treat the symptom, the real problem is still there.

Weeks to years of drug use and their side effects create more and more problems. You may feel trapped and out of control and you don’t know where to turn. Meanwhile, the problem is still there.

  • It's time to take back control.
  • Get to the root of the problem.
  • Break your reliance on drugs.

Upper Cervical Spine Center:
A Sustainable Solution for Health Issues

Start Re-Thinking
How We Heal

From the moment we think something may be wrong, we seek ways to get well. We think we’re doing the right thing by going to experts who prescribe drugs and surgery.

But what happens when the pills we are prescribed only treat the symptoms – and not the cause of our problem?

Our Upper Cervical Spine Center patients experience life-changing transformations. By eliminating the need for drugs or surgery, they regain control of their health and well-being. They no longer rely on medications that only mask symptoms but instead find lasting relief as we address the root cause of their health issues. Our approach not only provides relief but also improves sleep, energy levels, digestion, and overall quality of life. For dependable chiropractic treatment in Wilmington, NC, get in touch with our team today.

What is Upper
Cervical Care?

Reclaim Your Health with
The Upper Cervical Spine Center

Take These Steps to a Better Life

Set up a time to meet with one of our doctors.

Discuss your problems and make a plan.

Take charge of your health. Eliminate dependence on drugs.

Get to Know our Doctors

A patient getting to know our doctors.

Our Doctors are highly trained above and beyond chiropractic. Only a few chiropractic schools in the world teach Upper Cervical chiropractic. Out of these schools, there are only a few classes taught about Upper Cervical.

Specialized Upper Cervical Training

Therefore, to be a highly effective Upper Cervical chiropractor, he or she must train extensively outside of school. Our doctors have spent hundreds of hours outside of school to become experts in Upper Cervical chiropractic. They also participate in continuing education of at least 20 hours per year, solely focused on how to help those in need with Upper Cervical care.

Our Charlotte Doctor

Dr. Ray Drury

Dr. Ray Drury

Amongst chiropractors, Dr. Drury stands out as part of an elite group that specializes in upper cervical care. With a private practice spanning almost three decades, he has earned numerous accolades for his unwavering commitment to the upper cervical discipline.

Our Wilmington Doctor

Dr. Zach Shaw

Dr. Zach Shaw

During his undergraduate studies, Dr. Zach Shaw experienced persistent lower back pain. He tried a plethora of treatments – from medications and massages to injections and even discussions of surgery.

Our Nashville Doctor

Brittany Zellar, DC

Dr. Brittany Zellar

Dr. Zellar’s personal journey into chiropractic care began young – she was 14 when an old film x-ray depicted her s-shaped spine caused by scoliosis. That along with grappling with debilitating migraines spurred Dr. Zellar to delve into the world of chiropractic.

Amazon #1 Best Seller
The Best Kept Secret in Health Care

No Drugs or Surgeries Required

Dr. Ray Drury

Pick up a copy at one of our offices or order online.

The Best Kept Secret in Health Care is about a relatively unheard of specialty in chiropractic called Upper Cervical Care. Upper Cervical care has been helping thousands of people around the world improve their health and get their lives back. Upper Cervical doctors have been helping people with common conditions like headaches, back and neck pain, sleeping problems, weakened immune function, as well as chronic illnesses or conditions they were told they would have to live (or die) with such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, high blood pressure, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Meneire’s Disease, and many other debilitating illnesses that traditional medical treatment has been unable to cure or relieve. Therefore, the audience for this book is everyone who is concerned about their health, especially those who are looking for an alternative to prescription drugs or surgery. This book written to let the secret out and tell the world about Upper Cervical.

The Best Kept Secret in Health Care

We Align the Head and Neck So That the Nerves Can Send Brain Healing Messages to Affected Parts Of Your Body. It's a Natural Self Healing.

Upper Cervical Spine Center:
Enhance Your Overall Quality of Life

Eliminate Your Reliance on Pills and Their Side Effects.

When your nervous system is fixed your whole body benefits.

Imagine what it will feel like to know your problem is finally fixed.

  1. Become empowered in your own health journey.
  2. Stop suffering.
  3. See yourself getting your life back.
  4. Remember what it’s like to be healthy again.
  5. Add life to your years.
Two patients learning about how Upper Cervical Spine Center can help them.

You might be wondering...

Is this too good to be true?

No. Upper Cervical Care takes all the guesswork out. When the nervous system is healthy the body heals.

How come I've never heard of Upper Cervical Care?

There are only 1000 specialists in this field – in the world.

How does it work?

Every single nerve in the body originates at the brainstem, Upper Cervical Chiropractors are trained to detect and align pressure in that area of the spine to restore the functioning and healing signals to your body.

Does it hurt?

No. The correction does not hurt. There is no twisting, turning, or jerking of the neck. If your spine is really ‘locked up’, there may be some discomfort, but the adjustment does not cause any pain.

Can you help maintain my health?

Yes! Upper Cervical Chiropractic has one goal: to release pressure from the nervous system. This allows the impulsses from your brain to be unimpeded as they traavel throughout your body, promoting proper functioning and healing. With a fully functioning nervous system, your body will maintain health at an optimal level.

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Take Control Of Your Health With Upper Cervical Spine Center

Body Imbalance

Healing Starts Here

If you want to know how to be proactive and become free of medicine and its side effects, OR if you are in pain and don’t know where to turn… let us be your first step.

You do not have to live in pain and you do not have to be dependent on drugs and their side effects.

There is an alternative to being healthy again.