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Epilepsy, Seizure Disorders and Its Relationship to the Spine, Specifically the Neck and Chiropractic

Today, I want to discuss epilepsy, seizure disorders and its relationship to the spine, specifically the neck and chiropractic. I’m an upper cervical chiropractor and we’ve been able to help lots of patients with a wide range of seizure disorders. Now, there’s four primary, so called, seizure titles or types of seizures. The most familiar is the grand mal seizure where people have spastic electrical shocking sensations through their whole body. They usually lose consciousness. If you’ve ever been around someone having a seizure, they want you to make sure they don’t bite their tongue and all you can do is really keep them calm until the seizure works its way out. Those can be devastating and if they last long enough can actually cause brain damage.

Then, there’s the petit mal seizure, which is when somebody just kind of zones out. They just kind of like aren’t there for a period of time. You have myoclonic seizure, which is where people have like twitching or they have certain movements in just a small segment of the body, but they’re still fully conscious, but it’s something that kind of keeps reoccurring. Then, you have drop attacks, which is where, basically, the person just all of sudden zones out, just drops and they’re out of it. Then, it’s usually only a second or two and then they wake up and they come back. 

If you look under WebMD or a classification of what is epilepsy, it’s basically a disorder in the brain of the over excitation of brain cells. It’s an electrical disorder, which they’re trying to treat. Typical treatment for seizure disorders and epilepsy are medications, which means they’re trying to use chemicals to treat an electrical disorder, which is why most epilepsy medications are not real, real successful. They often start with one medication, the body adapts to it, and then they take another medication, sometimes they pile on, I’ve had patient come in taking as many four different anti-convulsant medications. If you read the side effects, some of those medications actually can produce seizure disorders. 

What we have found is, it’s an electrical disorder, which makes sense because the entire nervous system is one big electrical circuit. What happens is, we have found that at the top of the neck, the brain stem comes out of your head, down through the top of the neck, and then it’s spinal cord the rest of the way down. It’s all electrical energy that travels from your brain to your heart, your liver, your lungs, your kidneys, your arms, your legs. It’s all electrical energy that controls every function in your body. If a misalignment gets out of align here, what it will do is it will actually create resistance in the electrical energy between the brain and the body. That resistance can actually build up in the brain. 

That electrical energy, if it can’t get through unimpeded to the body, then if it’s built up long enough, then eventually what happens is it can short circuit in the brain. That’s why we use wires to explain how the energy travels from the brain to the body. If one of the bones up here is out of align and creating pressure at the top of the neck and the brain stem area, then that electrical energy builds up to the point where it goes to a part of the brain and it short circuits, and you have this electrical energy that shoots through the body in the event of a grand mal. It can be in a different part of the brain that can cause you to kind of zone out. It could be in another part of the brain that can just cause you to just fall, right, and drop attack. 

What we have found in almost 100% of our seizure disorder epileptic patients is a bone out of align at the top of the neck that is interfering with the electrical energy from the brain to the body. As that electrical energy builds up, it can eventually get to the point to where it short circuits. We’ve had people come in having had as many as 50, 60, 70 grand mal seizure in a day, per day. I’ve had them have seizures in the waiting room, in the x-ray room, okay? But then, once they come in and if we can find the impediment, find where that electrical resistance is going and we can open it up, now, the electrical energy leaves the brain, travels to the body unimpeded, there’s no build up, there’s not resistance that creates that electrical overload that can short circuit the body, so then the body starts to function normal and the seizures start to stop. It can be totally eliminated without the use of medication. 

I can’t tell you how many, especially children, I’ve had as little as one year old having 40, 50, 60 seizures a day, on three different medications. Now, medication-free, seizure-free, living a perfectly normal life. If you know someone that takes these anti-convulsants, you know that they are mind altering, right? I mean, they have to be in order to stop what’s going on in the brain. 

If you have seizure disorders, or if you have a child, or a family member, or even a friend, please share this video with them. Please get them into an upper cervical doctor. Let’s check and see if there’s a probably at the top of their neck that’s creating their seizure problems. If so, we can change their life by removing the pressure, releasing the electrical energy as it’s supposed to be, and allow their body to function the way it’s intended, the way God designed it, and that is seizure-free.