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Dr. Zach Shaw

During his undergraduate studies, Dr. Zach Shaw experienced persistent lower back pain. He tried a plethora of treatments – from medications and massages to injections and even discussions of surgery. It was only after turning to chiropractic care that he found relief not just for his back pain, but unexpectedly, his acid reflux as well. This profound transformation steered his journey towards understanding the human body in-depth, ultimately leading him to a specialized education in chiropractic.

While attending Sherman College of Chiropractic, Dr. Shaw encountered the specialized area of upper cervical chiropractic. He realized the immense potential of focusing on the top two neck bones – the upper cervical region. By concentrating on this area, he discovered that he could facilitate faster recovery in patients, even from diverse conditions.

Proudly graduating from Sherman College of Chiropractic, Dr. Shaw earned the coveted Blue Angel status within the Knee Chest Society. This organization deeply resonates with the principles and methodologies of knee chest upper cervical chiropractic. Dr. Shaw has been fortunate to train under the guidance of Dr. Ray Drury since 2017. His commitment to the practice, education, and continual growth in upper cervical chiropractic ensures that he provides exceptional care to his patients.

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Shaw has found a fondness for the warmth – both of the weather and the welcoming nature of the people in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Dr. Skyler Alvord

While taking a gap ear to prepare to attend graduate school for performance psychology, Dr. Alvord began to struggle with low back pain and was referred to a chiropractor. Having no prior understanding of what chiropractic was, he was blown away by the results. Not only did his low back pain resolve, but he also noticed a drastic improvement in both his allergies and asthma. Having dealt with autoimmune and allergy problems throughout his childhood, he had been medicated for most of his life with little relief. With the excitement of the results and the newfound understanding of the body’s ability to heal, Dr. Alvord immediately changed his career path and enrolled in chiropractic school.

Enrolling at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Dr. Alvord developed a fervor for pediatrics and holistic family wellness. He takes pride in crafting an engaging environment for young patients and their families and is always thrilled to witness the transformative impact of his treatments on individuals and family dynamics alike.

Though rooted in Southern California, Dr. Alvord’s pursuit of enhanced treatment methodologies led him to the specialty of upper cervical chiropractic. As destiny would have it, he connected with Dr. Ray Drury and Dr. Zach Shaw when planning a move to Wilmington, North Carolina. Conversations around the breakthroughs and the healing marvels achieved through upper cervical care resonated deeply with Dr. Alvord. He felt a divine calling to this specialized area. Today, he remains committed to maximizing the therapeutic potential of upper cervical chiropractic, aiming to unleash the inherent healing potential in every patient.

Outside his clinic, Dr. Alvord’s passions lie in golfing, surfing, and cherished moments with his wife and daughter on Wilmington’s beaches. He’s enthusiastic about planting deeper roots in Wilmington, driven by a mission to usher in a wave of health and well-being to the community.

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