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dale allmandale allman
14:10 20 Feb 23
After all else failed regarding my Meniere’s Disease I started seeing Dr. Drury and after a few visits I have not experienced any episodes of dizziness. I highly recommend these guys
Master HartsellMaster Hartsell
16:39 21 Nov 22
I went to the Doctor for a physical In June of 2019. I got my lab results back and was shocked to see that I was in stage three renal failure. My kidneys were filtering at a 50% filtration rate and my Creatinine levels were over 1.61. I was Scared to death!I had been friends with Dr. Ray Drury and his wife for many years. I even taught their Daughters Karate when they were young. At Mrs. Drury birthday party, I mentioned my diagnosis to Dr. Drury. He said “I ‘m sure I can help you with that, make an appointment with my office and we’ll get started.” I was skeptical to say the least, I wasn’t sure how adjusting my spine could somehow affect my kidneys. I was terrified of the prospect of dialysis, so I thought what have I got to lose. If it doesn’t work in a few months, I’ll try something else. I thought if Dr. Drury can improve my labs results by 10 points that would be a success. I wouldn’t be out of the woods but it would let me live a fairly normal life. Plus, after over 30 years of Martial arts my back was wrecked. I had abused my body and my neck and back hurt often. Maybe an adjustment or two would help.I had my 1st adjustment on Jan. 9th,2020. Wow is all I can say. After the adjustment, I had an instant feeling of relief in my neck. That alone was worth the investment. On April 24th, 2020 after 4 months of treatment I went back to my Doctor for a follow up and more Labs. My Filtration was up to 65% (15-point increase) and My creatinine was down to 1.29. I was ecstatic! I was hoping for 10 points but I got 15. I was a believer from that point on. I have not missed one appointment in the 18 months since.On October 19th, 2021, I returned to the Doctor for more labs. My kidney function is now NORMAL! Filtration is up to 71% and creatinine is at 1.18. I could not be Happier. I cannot thank Dr. Ray Drury enough for this amazing miracle. I highly recommend Dr. Drury and the staff at Upper Cervical Spine Center***UPDATE***. 1 year later and my bloodwork just came back. I’m still in the normal range!! Thank you Dr. Drury.
Maria CastroMaria Castro
21:12 14 Jun 22
Excellent place, they helped me with all my health issues! Dr. Riley Mehaffey he is awesome doctor. I started my treatment on March and few weeks after my life change. Now I have more energy no more Fibromyalgia pain, no migraines, no vertigo, etc. The girls on the front desk ar amazing so kind both. Thanks Dr. Mehaffey for returning my life. Now I feel younger again!!!