Back Pain

Over 65 million Americans suffer from back pain. Back pain may not sound very serious, but it is the sixth most costly condition in the United States! Unfortunately, the consensus is that back pain is “normal,” but that is far from the truth. If it was normal, then everyone would have it! Many suffer from back pain for years until they have finally had enough and decide to do something about it. All too often, at this point, it is too late. Conventional medicine will do whatever it takes to help the pain via methods like prescribing painkillers, cortisone injections, and ultimately surgery. However, these methods only mask the pain, rather than getting to the cause. What if I told you that there is a natural way to truly heal your back pain? Finding an upper cervical chiropractor is the answer.

Where does back pain come from? It cannot be age because even kids can suffer from back pain. Genetics? Nope. So, what is it? The cause of back pain comes from something called “spinal compensation.” Spinal compensation happens over the course of many years, and eventually pinches a nerve that causes the back pain. Even though the pain may be lower in the spine, the cause of the compensations starts at the top of the neck.

How does this happen? When the top bone in the neck, or atlas, misaligns for any reason (car accident, sports injury, falling and hitting your head, etc.) it causes the head to tilt. When the head tilts, the brain becomes unlevel. The brain cannot function this way and therefore has a way to rebalance itself, called the Righting Reflex. What this reflex does is send messages down the spine, forcing the spine to compensate this way and that way to balance the brain. This is a slow process and not visible to the naked eye, but when X-rays are taken by a chiropractor, these compensations can be seen and become the culprit for back pain.

An upper cervical chiropractor has the ability to correct the CAUSE of these compensations by realigning the top bone in the neck. This balances the brain naturally, allowing the compensations to remove themselves over time. This takes pressure off the nerve causing the pain, allowing the back to heal and the pain to go away.