Allergy season is officially on its way. We will be covered in yellow soon enough from all the pollen. People often ask me, “Where do allergies come from?” How come my one daughter goes outside and plays and she comes in and her eyes are all itching, her nose is running, she’s hacking, coughing, sneezing, and yet my other daughter can stay out all day and it doesn’t phase her?

How come my husband, whenever we go to someone’s house that has a cat, starts clawing his eyes out and starts itching and his face turns red, but yet, I can live with cats all day and it doesn’t bother me? Why is it some people react, and some people do not? Well, what it simply comes down to is the nervous system. Your nervous system controls your immune function, your immune reaction, and how you react to what’s in the environment. When you have a reaction of your eyes watering and you’re coughing and sneezing, then that is your body’s way of trying to protect itself.

Actually, your body is recognizing whatever it is that’s creating the reaction as something that is going to hurt it. What your body has got to do is try to get the problem out of the body. If you’re breathing in pollen or some sort of allergen or dander, it gets inside the body, and the body says “Whoa, this is going to hurt us. We’ve got to get rid of it.” Your eyes water to get it out of the eyes, your nose runs to get it out of your sinuses, and you start coughing to get it out of your lungs. It’s your body’s way of trying to protect itself.

Now, will that pollen or dander or whatever it is actually hurt your body? No. Because otherwise, everybody would react that way, right? But some people have a nervous system that is working better than other people. It’s really that simple. If your nervous system isn’t totally wired and functioning the way it’s supposed to be, then you start to develop allergens. Now, that’s the reaction that we were just talking about. At The Upper Cervical Spine Center, we make sure your nervous system is wired 100% perfect so that your body can actually recognize these potential allergies as something that’s actually not going to hurt you so that your body doesn’t react.

I personally used to have severe allergies to cats. My eyes would start watering, and I would claw them out. Once I started getting upper cervical care, I started getting adjusted. The next thing you know, I’m over people’s house where they’ve got cats. They’re crawling around on the couch and sitting on my lap, and I realized, “Hey, you know what? I’m not reacting. My eyes aren’t watering, and I’m not clawing them out. I’m not itching like crazy. I’m not coughing.”  I had that experience firsthand, and the allergies from cats don’t bother me anymore because I started getting the upper cervical part of my spine adjusted.

The brain stem area, which controls the overall function of your nervous system, started working properly, and my body recognized that what once was something I used to think was going to hurt my body was now seen as something that wasn’t going to bother me at all. Basically, my body stopped reacting to it. I quit panicking and quit trying to get it out of my system. Now that it’s allergy season, you’ll hear about it all over TV. Let me tell you this: if your body reacts to anything abnormally by creating histamine and if you have some sort of allergic reaction to something, then the reason is because your body is not wired the way it’s supposed to be. What we have to do is to analyze your nervous system and see where there may be something mis-wiring and get it corrected.

If we can, then your body will start to recognize those potential harmful allergens or whatever as something that’s not going to hurt you anymore, and all of a sudden, your body starts to calm down. You quit having those same reactions. If you have allergies, or if you have family members and children that have allergies, get them checked. Let’s check to see if there’s a problem at the top of their neck that could be creating some misinformation within the nervous system and causing your immune system to react when it actually shouldn’t react.