Nancy Fritz Testimonial - Upper Cervical Spine Center

Nancy Fritz Testimonial


I see you tried somewhere else, and uh, so give me a little bit about when it started, how it felt, how it feels now.

It started pretty suddenly, actually. I just started to get a, uh, pinging sort of, or you know, a stabbing in my head, and then eventually it went to um, electrical shocks up through my forehead and into my head. And, I was being treated for sinusitis, and an infection for three months, and antibiotics, and steroids, but the pain was still there, and the pain did not go away.

Here you can see the second bone in your neck right there. See, there’s a lot more of it to the left than there is to the right. See that … we have a four millimeter shift. A half a millimeter can cause major problems. Four millimeters is almost off the chart.

Yeah, we want this yellow line straighter.

Well, how I got here was uh, by accident, actually.


Uh, my sister works with an osteopath. And, uh she was telling me that I had trigeminal neuralgia, and she said you must get her to an upper cervical care person as soon as possible.

When I finally googled upper cervical chiropractor, and I came up with you first, and the … otherwise there was very little information, so I had to dig around a little bit even to find your book, and find other information about the cervical care.

Good, good and so-

But it, but it hit me that it would be … It made so much sense to me, that that’s what could be wrong was that I had a pinched nerve as opposed to surgeries that drew a hole in your head and go in there with a crochet hook and start looking around for a nerve.

Right, exactly. And so, uh, you came how far … How long did it take you to get here?

Well, it took me six and a half hours to get to my sister in West Virginia.


And then we spent over six hours to get from there to here.

Right. Now, there was somebody else with your sister too, that … You had a different opinion, right?

Right. She also works with a medical um, and MD, who on other, on other evenings she said, “Oh, that’s probably going to work, you know, we don’t believe in that sort of thing.”

Monday we X-ray … You checked. You got your first upper cervical adjustment, and so how’s, how’s it going for this week?

Well, I had a twinge the first day, and I thought oh boy, you know, I had a twinge. But it was really just a twinge, not the regular shock that I usually get. And, I haven’t had anything since then, so today’s Thursday. So, I haven’t had a pain uh, since Tuesday, I guess.

All right. And so, I mean is that unusual for you?

That’s very unusual. Usually there’s something either brushing my teeth, or washing or trying to … I’d don’t touch that side of my face. Or, um, even the wind or something. So I haven’t had anything like that.

Awesome. So-

You’re going to get a lot of help from me. I already have a list of people who are going … Who need upper cervical care.