Michael Testimonial – Charlotte - Upper Cervical Spine Center

Michael Testimonial – Charlotte

Dr. Hartman:Hey guys, it’s Dr. Harman here at the Upper Cervical Spine Center. We’ve got an awesome guest here, Michael, and if you guys are in the Charlotte, Matthews, Ballantyne, Mint Hill, Rock Hill or Southend area, this could potentially be the place for you.

Again, we’re here today to talk about Michael’s, um, just his testimonial here.

I know before we were having somewhat issues. Michael, can you tell us where you were before you came into this office?

Michael:Sure, absolutely.

A couple years ago, actually it was about 10 years ago, I got into a car accident, sports injuries – [to Dr. Hartman] that’s when we’ve talked about from hockey. Over the years I’ve gone on, I’ve gathered vertigo a little bit.

And it wasn’t like, crazy dizzy it was more just like off balance. Something wasn’t right. It’s been about a year and a half, almost two years of that.

Went through different medications – obviously I’m not a big lover of that, so I had to try something and I joined a group actually on Facebook which pointed out you guys and came in and it’s been about…it’s my 8thvisit now and I’ve honestly gone from 90% vertigo to 30%. I mean, it’s unbelievable.

And, I mean, I’m telling you it’s been a life changer.

Dr. Hartman:That’s incredible. And we still got a long way. It’s his 8thvisit here, you know, and we’ve got such a long, long way to go with that. But that’s the thing, people that are out there if you guys are looking for answers with vertigo with all those dizziness and balance problems, there’s so many support groups out there for this medication, this surgery, “this thing” and really all we want is answers.


Dr. Hartman:And every case is different, but Michael’s been able to experience relief. Um…Michael, where do you see yourself from this point on in moving forward into the future?

Michael:I mean, like I said, it’s been my 8thtime and if I’ve seen a notice now, I mean, after my 36thand if it’s just a routine after that, I mean I’m good with that. If this is a lifetime thing, if I feel the way I do now, I – I’d come every day.

Dr. Hartman:That’s great.

Michael:Yeah, absolutely.

Dr. Hartman:And that’s so humbling for us. So, again if you guys are searching for answers, right? You tried this doctor, you tried this medication, you’ve tried even “this surgery” – let us see if we can help you. Again, if you are in the Matthews, Charlotte area, Southend, Mint Hill, Rock Hill, Ballantyne, as well, come check us out at the Upper Cervical Spine Center.

Thank you so much.

Michael:Alright. You’re welcome!

Dr. Hartman:We appreciate you.

Michael:[handshakes] Alright.

Dr. Hartman:[to camera] Thank you guys.

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