Kathy Testimonial - Upper Cervical Spine Center

Kathy Testimonial


Hey what’s going on guys. Dr Hartman here. You guys had a fantastic Labor Day weekend and in fact we’ve got some great news after the weekend. This is Kathy and she had a really really good weekend. She was here to tell us about it today. But if you’re in the Charlotte area the Ballantine’s the Fort Mill Rockhill even gave it to an here this could be the potential place for you in your healing. But can you talk about where you were before you came into this office three weeks ago.

Kathy: I couldn’t raise my arms. I limped around cause my knees hurt and I had a very stiff neck. I can turn to the left. Wow.

Dr. Hartman:  All that going on she rides horses and I think that was a lot of the cause of things that took place. But what did you tell. I mean we had to share this mess. You only been here three weeks and three weeks and it’s been there for a long time. What did you tell us. Tell me at least today when you came in. I felt.

Spine Pain isn’t exactly Spine Pain

Dr. Hartman: She said she usually has to grow when she reaches for some she doesn’t even have that there’s just there’s no limitations that she has and it’s so funny and that’s why we’re celebrating her success. Kathy where do you see from where you’re currently at today and then where are you. What do you expect for the future. [00:01:04][12.1]

Kathy:I expect better better I better and I expect to hold. Yeah that’s it. [00:01:12][5.8]

Dr. Hartman: Well we’re finally again and she’s already held a few of her corrections this early on. I mean this is three weeks three weeks and you’re never too late to start. It’s never too early to start. We love to serve you get if you’re in the valentine or the Charlotte area. Davidson forM. Rocca we love to see you can have a testimonial like Kathy we just love serving patients like her in this office. Have a wonderful Tuesday. And God bless.