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Christina Migraines Testimonial

My name is Christina and I was, WAS, a migraines sufferer.

Ever since I was about 5 or 6 years old, I’ve been under a Chiropractic care – went to a Chiropractor every single year for adjustments and as I got older, didn’t really need them as often. But all this time, I still had migraines.

So, people in my family had migraines so I thought it was just something we just lived with – I was just one of the unlucky ones and turns out as I got older in high school I realized I started meeting people who never had migraines before.

And that’s when I realized maybe something weird is going on. So, fresh out of college I met Dr. Ray Drury for a job opportunity so I went to his office and I heard about what he did and realized, you know, this isn’t like a normal Chiropractor I’ve ever heard of before and he introduced me to his book, The Best-Kept Secret in Healthcare, which I took home and I read that very night and read more about it (Upper Cervical) and as soon as I did I realized “Wow, this is really great stuff.”

So I went back and I made an appointment and, as a marketer, you know, we do want to test out the product or service so I was going to do that regardless – didn’t really think that it was going to change my life as drastically as it did.

But, after the very first adjustment, I didn’t have any more migraines. Now this was May of last year (8 months earlier) and I still had no migraines ever since then.

And these (migraines) have been reoccurring every single week. They would stop me from going to my job, doing activities that I love to do…

So if you ARE a migraine sufferer and you want to stop just…going through the everyday life of suffering from migraines and not knowing whether you can go out or not or call out of work, I would definitely recommend going to Upper Cervical Spine Center first because the thing is, they offer free consultation so it’s best if you learn how to just go out and see if they can HELP you first and take care of your body naturally before you go to the extreme of paying for these prescriptions or surgery you “may” need.

Not everyone needs prescriptions or surgery…I didn’t when I thought I would need to and it has helped me completely change my life around. So I would definitely recommend Dr. Ray Drury and his team.

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