Anthony Testimonial - Upper Cervical Spine Center

Anthony Testimonial


Dr. Hartman:                         Hey guys, what’s going on its Dr. Hartman here at the Upper Cervical Spine Center. Just had an amazing testimony after one correction, one correction in this office. And this is for you people that are here in the Charlotte area, the Gastonia area, Rock Hill, Mint Hill, Davidson, Concord, really anywhere; even in the South end area.

We want to make sure that you guys get this message here. But, this is Anthony he came in … He actually came in from a car accident and it really just took his life in the other direction. But, I’m here to actually have Anthony talk about what happened after his first correction yesterday. Anthony, can you talk about what happened last night and the things that you noticed?

Anthony:                                 I will tell you, you’ve heard or envisioned of the body snatchers, I feel I have a new body. First off, I used to have night sweats every night I have to change my shirts because I always sweat all around my neck. Last night, I slept without any sweat at all, that’s one.

Low Back Pain

Two, my appetite. I never knew what it really feels like to be hungry, I felt totally hungry, extremely empty, I had to eat and when I eat it’s like, “Wow.” I don’t sleep a lot, I actually went to a doctor before who told me I had some rhythmic thing in my heart that my heart stops beating every three hours or so. So, that’s what wakes me up, that’s why I never slept completely … I’ve never slept five hours in my life.

Yesterday I slept all through the night without night sweats. I woke up early and was dressed for work at 7:00 in the morning, which never has happened in years. I had something where whenever I drove a car and got somewhere I was constantly urging to go to the restroom and pee for some reason.

Digestive Problems

Now, my urine it’s like it’s gone. If I go to urinate it’s normal, it will give me time to take my thing off and pee. Before, I would practically be, “Oh, I’m peeing on myself.” And I normally even used to carry a bottle in my car just in case I was in traffic or something-

Dr. Hartman:                         Oh my gosh.

Anthony:                                 … where if I had to pee

Dr. Hartman:                         Right, if you had to go.

Anthony:                                 … I had to just reach out to that bottle just so I could … Just for some reason, but now that is gone.

Dr. Hartman:                         That’s amazing. That’s amazing, and that’s after one-

Anthony:                                 And there are many other things which I can’t tell what they are, but I just feel … See, I feel taller than him.

Dr. Hartman:                         He is, I’m telling you, he was shorter than me yesterday and now he’s already taller than me. That’s something we’re going have to talk about-

Anthony:                                 It’s unheard of.

Dr. Hartman:                         … Anthony. But, I mean, that’s after one visit in this office and there’s so many people that just don’t know. We just don’t even want to imagine where your life would’ve been.

So, again, if you guys are in that Rock Hill, Mint Hill, Fort Mill area, Gastonia, even the South end area of Charlotte, we want to make sure we get yourselves checked. If you’ve got digestive problems, if you’ve got bladder problems, if you’ve got headaches, if you got numbness down into your arms … I know we’re still working on that with him-

Anthony:                                 Night sweats.

Dr. Hartman:                         Night sweats, you can’t sleep through the night, you got insomnia problems, this is the office or could potentially be the office for you. Feel free to give us, our office a call; we look forward to seeing you here. Have a great day.

Anthony:                                 Most definitely.

Dr. Hartman:                         Absolutely. Thank you sir.

Anthony:                                 Thank you very much.

Dr. Hartman:                         Awesome, thank you. Good work … Yeah, that’s awesome man, thank …