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What We Do?

Our team at Upper Cervical Health Centers is committed to providing the most effective health care solutions.

Our team of chiropractors at The Upper Cervical Spine Center uses a specialized form of chiropractic called upper cervical care.  Upper cervical doctors focus on the top two bones in the neck called the Atlas and Axis.  This area of the spine is very important because it houses and protects the brain stem and because the head is balanced on top of these bones.  If one of these bones gets even slightly misaligned two things can happen:

A misalignment can close down on the opening putting pressure on the brain stem.  This can interfere with the normal transmission of nerve messages from the brain to any one or several parts of the body.  If any part of the body does not get the full message from the brain telling it what to do and how to do it, that part no longer works as it is intended.  If this persists, the body starts to malfunction and symptoms can develop.

Also, because the head sits on top of the upper cervical bones anywhere those bones go the head has to go with it.  If one of those bones gets out of its normal position it will cause the head to be off balance.  The brain is designed to be balanced at all times and will send messages through the body to shift, bend, twist itself until the head becomes level again.  As a result, the body can develop compensations throughout the skeletal system.  With gravity pushing down and going through day to day activities those compensations can turn into weaknesses that can result in neck painback pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, foot pain, arm pain or leg pain.

Our doctors do a full examination to find the cause of your health problem.  Once they know the cause, if it is something they believe they can help you with they will explain to you what they recommend to correct the problem.  If it is not something they believe they can help you with they will tell you and then help you find someone else they believe can help you.


Going to a chiropractor may be a new experience for you. Whether you were referred by a friend or did your own research online, you probably made this appointment because you’re tired of living in pain and you are ready to do something

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