Let’s talk about menopause. Menopause is a naturally occurring process, usually hits women in their 40s and 50s and there’s no cure for it. Butwhy is it some people have a little easier time than other people? Let’s get to that. 

First, what are some common signs, symptoms that you’re going into menopause? First of all, your menstrual cycle basically stops. Then, people often notice they’re a little more tired, fatigued, they’re a little more irritable, they don’t sleep like they used to, they can have hot flashes, night sweats, reduced libido, sex drive, oftentimes they gain weight, sometimes they’re hair can start to come out, even get to where they have anxiety and depression. 

Now, some people buzz through this whole process pretty smoothly, without a whole lot of crazy side effects. You get a few here and there, but some people really, really, really have a tough time with it. Why is that? Why is it that it’s easier for one person than another person? Well, what we have found is that the nervous system still runs this whole process. It’s going to happen, right? There’s no cure for menopause, but to make it the best that it can possibly be it means your body needs to be able to function at its best potential. The better your body works, the better you can go through this process without having the side effects as being as severe as someone who isn’t functioning at their optimal level. 

What does that mean? What controls every function in your body? Well, it’s the nervous system. The nervous system controls your menopausal process. It controls your hormones, your hormone production, so sometimes people go into early menopause just because their nervous system isn’t working like it’s supposed to, so the hormones aren’t producing like they’re supposed to. Sometimes menopause is drawn out over many, many, many years and sometimes it can be gone through in a short period of time based off how your body is processing and functioning.  If your nervous system’s functioning at 100%, then your body’s going to be able to make it through the menopausal process as optimally, as quickly, as efficiently as it could.

Your body doesn’t want these side effects. It doesn’t want to make you feel bad. It doesn’t want to hurt. It doesn’t want to get not enough sleep. If your nervous system is at its optimal level, your body’s going to be able to ease through the process as quickly, as smoothly, as few symptoms as possible. Find an upper cervical chiropractor. They focus all their energy on making sure that your nervous system is 100% communicating from your brain to your body, which includes your reproduction systems, your ovaries, your uterus, and then that way your body can work through the menopausal process as quickly, efficiently as possible, leaving you feeling better. We have tons of menopausal patients that have come in for a variety of reasons, some just for that, some for other things, and they have found that their symptoms calm down. Their night sweats calm down. They sleep better. Their energy’s better.

We have digital equipment that can pinpoint where the problem is, if there is one, and then we’ll explain to you exactly what we need to do to try to correct it. First visit we never charge for the consultation to find out what your needs are, and then if there is a problem, we’ll discuss that and what we need to do to fix that. If there’s not a problem, hey, at least you can check that off your list. Now you know your body’s functioning at its optimal level.