A lot of times we have new patients that come into the office, and they see there’s always a lot of kids here. Families come in to get checked, they bring their kids, and so new patients are sometimes asking me, “Why are there so many kids here? What can you do for kids?” And I’m like, “Well, what better time to get checked than when you’re young rather than waiting, like most adults do, 20, 30, 40 years after the initial problem started?” 

So now we have like 20, 30, 40 to regress to try to allow your body to heal. Why not start right out the gate and make sure that their body’s aligned, that their nervous system’s functioning at 100 percent, to make sure that they grow straight and healthy? What are some common pediatric conditions that Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help? Well, I’ll tell you what, ear infections, phenomenal.  People come in, usually within a few adjustments, ear infections clear up.

People with babies with colic, with sleep problems, with allergies, asthma.As they get a little bit older, we see a lot of kids that have sinus problems, weakened immune systems, we get a lot of colds and flus, digestive disorders, asthma, like we said, allergies. The nervous system controls every function in your body. And I think, where I see the biggest changes, kids with attention deficit disorders, ADHDs, dyslexia, learning disabilities. We have letters written to us from teachers, from principals, about how they see the change in the kid once they’ve started care because what happens is, the way the brain operates is the brain travels. When you have a thought, you have a memory, you have emotions, it all travels from the brain to the brainstem, which is the top of the neck, back to the brain in a circuit. When kids are studying, when they’re learning, when they’re concentrating, paying attention, it all travels. But at the top of the neck, the upper cervical spine, if one of the bones gets out of align there, it can interfere with those processes. It can make it harder for kids to learn, to concentrate. It can make it harder for them to pay attention, make them easily distracted. If we find that there’s a problem at the upper part of the neck and we can correct it, what we’ve found is their brain works better.

They pay better attention, they do better in school. Now, at the same time, the immune system is entirely controlled by the nervous system, specifically the area of the brain stem, again, the top of the neck. If you keep their nervous system functioning at 100 percent, then they’re going to be stronger at fighting off colds and flus and even reacting to the environment in cases of allergies and asthmas.  The primary reason we see pediatric, little kids, babies, in our office is not just to help them get well, but most importantly to help them stay well. If you have kids, what better gift could you give them than the gift of health, where you know their brain’s functioning at 100 percent, where you know their body’s functioning at 100 percent.

The better their body functions, the better they’re going to perform, whether that’s in school, whether that’s in life, whether that’s in a family. Make sure that you have your kids checked. Give them the best opportunity they can have to live the best life they can have. Now, if we can keep their nervous system functioning at 100 percent, what more can you offer a child? What more could you offer yourself? Get checked. See if there’s something that could be interfering with your body’s natural ability to heal, with your brain processes, with every function in your body.

Maximize your potential and your child’s. Call an upper cervical doctor, find one near you.