Trigeminal Neuralgia. Considered by experts to be the most painful condition on the face of the earth. Year after year, people are afflicted with this horrible disease. The pain is not constant pain. Not a pain with which you can become accustomed. 

The pain is never constant and will flare up from the smallest of sensations. The wind blowing, a feather across the face, eating a small bit of food, or even a soft pillowcase can cause an uproar of pain that the rest of us can only imagine. What are the options for these people? The typical route is painkillers, but even the strongest of these cannot cover that amount of pain. Another route is to snip the trigeminal nerve. 

The signals of pain travel along this nerve and when snipped the pain will stop. Although many times, all sensation in the face is taken away as well. In addition, this technique only lasts for a few months as the nerve regenerates and begins the same process again. Finally, microvascular decompression surgery can be performed but finding a practitioner is problematic and there is a chance of death and permanent paralysis.

This is how Trigeminal Neuralgia got the name the “Suicide Disease.” Because when these people seek help from the sources they are used to asking, they are told that there is no fix. There is no reliable help. “Just live with it.” 

The trigeminal neuralgia nerve is what carries the pain. It carries it from the brainstem. Is the brainstem the culprit or is something happening to the brainstem? MRI studies have shown that pressure from vertebral subluxation, or misalignment in the upper cervical spine, is being put on the part of the brainstem that the nerve comes from. An artery that has been displaced is usually what puts on this pressure. Much of the time, the top bone of the spine can slip out of alignment from some sort of trauma. 

It begins to cause this problem, moving blood vessels and sometimes displacing them onto the brainstem itself. When this is the cause, only an exact upper cervical chiropractic adjustment to the top bone in the spine can remove that pressure. Once the pressure is reduced, the cause of the disease is also removed. The only way to cure a disease for good is by taking care of the cause. Upper cervical specific chiropractic gives hope for these suffering folks, who have no other answers or solutions. 

If you, or a loved one, are battling this awful condition please seek out an upper cervical chiropractor that can address the cause. It can make all the difference in their life and yours.