Trigeminal Neuralgia

Anyone who has suffered from or watched someone suffer from trigeminal neuralgia knows just how devastating the syndrome is. many people who suffer go to extremes in finding relief. I recall a patient years ago who had half of the teeth in her mouth removed.

She was seeking an answer to the horrendous pain she was experiencing daily. The dentist told her the teeth were the culprit. AS many TN patients experience excruciating pain in their teeth. After the removal of over 12 teeth, the pain still persisted. 

They then told her that her pain was from a bone infection. Over the next month, they proceeded to scrape away the jay bone to the point that today she has to wear a prosthetic to keep her face from looking like a stroke patient. This should make it clear how badly these patients suffer. And show what they are willing to go through to find a cure. There is a reason they call TN the suicide disease.

Our office publishes these blogs to give people hope. While Upper Cervical Care is NOT a cure-all it has been successful at giving TN sufferers relief when all other methods of treatment have failed. Below you will find a video of a man who suffered from TN for over 16 years.

He underwent Upper Cervical Care and since seeking the care has had a recovery from his TN prison. We have found that patients that suffer from TN and have undergone other forms of treatment without success, often respond beautifully to Upper Cervical Care.

Over the years our office has taken care of over 30 cases of TN. A large majority of those patients are now living life again.

Trauma Can Cause Chronic Nervous System Problems

Many of us throughout life have traumas that can displace the top bone in the neck from its normal position relative to the head. When this happens there is a cascade of neurological consequences that follow. Interference at the brainstem level causes the spinal muscles to become tight.

When muscles become tight the normal neck curve (lordosis) straightens. This straightening of the neck curve puts tensile stress on the spinal cord and can distort the nerve tissue and compromise normal function. Nerve nuclei in the brainstem are responsible for controlling the Trigeminal nerve. This nucleus can become compromised from a straight neck and a misaligned atlas.

How Does Upper An Upper Cervical Correction Relieve TN Symptoms?

Upper Cervical Doctors correct spinal misalignments in the upper neck. When corrected several things start to occur in the body. Muscles in the neck and spine start to relax. Abnormal spinal curves start to return to a more normal structure. 

These changes can alter the irritation on the trigeminal nerve enough to alleviate the TN attacks. The patient in the testimony below is an example of how Upper Cervical Care can help TN sufferers. 

We are used to taking care of patients that have been everywhere and almost lost hope that they will ever recover. We offer a free consultation in our offices to see if you can be helped.