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You have only one spine. Keep it healthy and strong with chiropractic care. Our team at  Pineville Upper Cervical Spine Center is committed to providing the most effective health care solutions.

Not Your Typical PINEVILLE Chiropractors

Not all chiropractors in Pineville, NC, specialize in upper cervical…but what is the big deal with upper cervical?

For starts, upper cervical is not like general chiropractic. Upper cervical specialists focus on the top two bones of your spine that affect the most delicate part of your body: the brainstem. As they make the necessary adjustments on this upper cervical area, each movement is precise and gentle with no cracking or popping of the bones; in fact, it’s safe for every age!

Their goal is to make sure the body maintains proper functions. To do this, your brain to body communication needs to be free from disruption – this is done by correcting any spinal imperfections around the brainstem area. Small shifts in the upper cervical area causes stress on the brainstem, by either pinching or applying pressure. The results of this can lead to negative changes all over your body.

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We Care

Patients who have lost all hope after finding no relief after surgeries or told no other treatment could help have found their own miracle in The Upper Cervical Spine Center. Those in search of a chiropractor, Mount Holly, NC, and the surrounding area do not often hear about upper cervical but when they do,

Dr. Drury and his office come to mind and for good reason: Patients have reported finding relief or being completely rid of pain they have lived with for years. Those who have suffered from Fibromyalgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Migraines, Ménière’s disease, and other chronic pain have described feeling improvements in their body right away.

Throughout his years, Dr. Drury has traveled the world teaching other chiropractors and has transformed the lives of those in need of upper cervical care in different countries. He is not only known as the best chiropractor Pineville has, but is known to be as one of the most experienced upper cervical doctors in the world; attracting patients from other countries to come see his upper cervical chiropractic Pineville and surrounding area office. For those who need a Pineville upper cervical chiropractic team they can count on, Dr. Drury is known to take on the worst of the worst cases and has two other chiropractors in his office whom he has taught. Together, they see miracles happen in the office every day.

The Upper Cervical Spine Center never charges for a consultation and welcomes all who want to “get their lives back.” If you are looking for a Pineville chiropractic team that can change your life around for the better, The Upper Cervical Spine Center can surprise you with your own little miracle.

The Upper Cervical Spine Center is home to a chiropractor Pineville, NC, is proud of – and thanks to his amazing team it is now easier for you to find an ideal Pineville chiropractor near you.

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