Our team is dedicated to serving you, which means preparation is one of our top priorities. Every morning we gather and review the schedule for the day as we discuss patient care and how we can better serve everyone that we are blessed to take care of. For any team to be successful, there must be incredible amounts of coordination and expertise.

Our Chiropractic Assistants (CAs) are full of love and dedication to the office, chiropractic, and, of course, the patient. It is a common theme that our CAs know the names of our patients’ kids, where they like to vacation, and even what they like to eat! They welcome everyone with a smile on their faces, love in their hearts, and healing on their minds. Our staff makes the Upper Cervical Spine Center a place where people love to go to not only receive the chiropractic care that they need, but to feel appreciated and important. They keep the office flowing with precision to make sure every patient is on time because your time is as valuable as ours.

Our chiropractors are highly trained in Knee Chest Upper Cervical Care, spending hundreds of hours outside the typical doctorate curriculum to expertly deliver the exact care every patient needs. The doctors are required to attend quarterly seminars to continue learning and honing their skills to better benefit the patient. We pride ourselves in being the best chiropractors in the community, and our credentials and results prove it. Although we stop seeing patients at 6pm on weeknights, our chiropractors stay late to analyze patient histories, exams, and X-rays to discover the cause of each patient’s problem, and what he or she needs. We know your health is a necessity, so we treat it as such. 

Dr. Ray Drury

Chiropractic Doctor

Katie Brady

Front Desk