The goal of Upper Cervical Care is to restore normal function to the body by removing impediments (subluxations) to regular brain-to-body communication. Oftentimes patients come to our offices with a variety of symptoms and diseases.

These include cervical issues such as loss of Cervical Lordosis. We do not exactly treat disease. However, a host of conditions can resolve after removing interference to the nerve system.

Not only do a variety of conditions resolve when patients undergo care, but they can also have dramatic changes in the structure of their spines. Diseases like loss of Cervical Lordosis can be diminished this way effectively. 

In our office, we take a pre and post cervical spine x-ray to monitor any changes that take place structurally after receiving care. The results are encouraging. Let’s take the instance of Cervical Lordosis Loss to understand our procedure.

What exactly is Loss of Cervical Lordosis? 


Cervical Lordosis is a curve that exists in the spinal cord. It helps in keeping the spine springy meanwhile distributing and balancing the body weight on the spine. Loss of cervical Lordosis causes straightening of the spine, making the posture hard and painful for the patient. 


Loss of cervical Lordosis can be characterized through the following symptoms: 

  • The body becomes Injury-Prone – When the spine is unable to divide body stress, it often results in injuries. The spine’s flexibility is lost in this condition which helps the spine to divide weight and stress. Hence, the injury occurring rate becomes higher in such patients. 
  • Muscular Pain  –  Muscular pain is a common symptom in this condition. People feel their shoulders neck in constant pain and soreness. This is because the curvature which carries the weight of the head is lost. 
  • Weakened Discs  – Due to increased spinal tension in loss of cervical Lordosis, the spinal discs degenerate. This is a risky condition as discs’ weakness can cause pain as far as in the arms and the legs. In case the discs spill their internal material, surgery is required as it may prove fatal to health. 
  • Posture issues  –  As the spinal loses its elasticity, the posture naturally disturbs, becoming painfully straight. This misalignment is visually evident as a person suffering from loss of Cervical Lordosis may constantly appear at “attention.” This condition is also known as “military neck.” 


Varied causes exist for loss of cervical Lordosis. Some of the causes include: 

  • Excessive exposure to screen  –  Ignoring screen safety is one of the major causes of Cervical Lordosis loss. After Smartphones invaded our lives, people are consistently exposed to a screen. Be it for fun or work; everything occurs within the premises of this screen. This is not only a root cause for significant diseases but also destroys your posture. Keeping your head forward while staring at a screen almost doubles your chances of acquiring this fatal condition.
  • The wrong posture  – It all starts with the wrong posture. With the current technology-oriented lifestyles, people are more prone to acquiring postural diseases. Staying in a head-forward posture for long periods creates an unhealthy posture. This is the foundation of Cervical Lordosis Loss. If you wish to avoid this disease in adulthood, you must start at an early age. Keep your shoulders and back straight. Even when you have to work in front of a screen, you must focus on sitting up straight.   Instilling healthy habits in oneself can bear good consequences later. 
  • Sedentary Lifestyle  – Lack of exercise and a balanced diet is another cause of this condition in young people. To avoid this disease, one must be vigilant. Remaining active is the key. Be it exercise or Yoga; you must always be energetic enough. Eating a balanced diet is also crucial. You must have strong bones to battle this disease. 


Loss of Cervical Lordosis gives rise to Scoliosis. In this condition, the spine becomes deviant from a straight alignment, resulting in deformity of posture. 

How exactly is this condition relevant? Let’s find out. 

Scoliosis and Neck Trauma – What Is The Connection? 

Normal balanced muscle tone through the spine is a function of a normal neurological function. When the atlas(c-1) is subluxated(out of its normal position causing neurological interference), the body adapts structurally to minimize the amount of interference to the system. Most structural problems through the spine are nothing more than adaptations to this upper cervical problem. In our office, we find approximately fifty percent of our new patients have lost their normal Lordosis (curvature) in the spine. 


We at Upper Cervical Spine Center tend to treat this condition with utmost diligence. It is not exactly a medical treatment but rather care through a chiropractor. Results have shown repeatedly how chiropractic practices can enhance spinal problems and create a healthier posture for the patient. 

Cervical Lordosis loss can create a distorted situation for the spine. In this case, we focus our treatment on restoring the cervical curve. In the process, we intend to make the painful symptoms disappear. Also, we work to make the pine capable of overcoming uneven weight. 

Cervical Lordosis loss makes the spinal curves abnormal and disturbs the entire stability of the spinal cord. In our treatment, we not only manage to cure cervical Lordosis but also tend to the entire spine. This way, whatever is wrong at any place in the spine can be adequately treated. 


 In conclusion, it is evident how significant it is to keep the Cervical Lordosis healthy. However, if there is a loss of it, the patient can always infer to our office, and we can overcome this terrible condition together.