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You have only one spine. Keep it healthy and strong with chiropractic care. Our team at  Lake Wylie Upper Cervical Spine Center is committed to providing the most effective health care solutions.

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Patients have discovered miracles are not so hard to find at The Upper Cervical Spine Center. Dr. Ray Drury is an upper cervical specialist Lake Wylie and the surrounding area have referred to as the best chiropractor Lake Wylie has in the location.

After hearing various reports from patients about how their lives have been quickly transformed following their appointments, his office has gained traction and taught many the power of upper cervical care.

You can hear him say around the office “the power that made the body, heals the body” and Dr. Drury proves it time and time again that it’s true

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Many who have suffered from chronic conditions have seen great relief from this upper cervical office, even after surgeries and losing all hope. It is not often you see chiropractors in Lake Wylie, NC, specialize in upper cervical. Unlike general chiropractic, upper cervical specialists look to the top two bones of your spine that affect the most delicate part of your body: the brainstem.

Adjustments made by a specialist in upper cervical are very gentle and precise with a goal to make sure the body maintains normal functions and allow the brainstem to continue being the bridge between your brain and body communication without disruption. As these corrections are made, the body starts to work its own miracles. Patients report relief from Trigeminal Neuralgia, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, and more.

Dr. Ray Drury has over 22 years of experience as an upper cervical specialist and continues to be the chiropractor Lake Wylie NC highly recommends for helping those who have been unable to find success elsewhere. Oftentimes his patients come to his office as a last resort after they have tried every other option; most have never heard of upper cervical until later while others were unsure. Although upper cervical deals with a delicate part of your body, it does not require any cracking or popping of the bones and uses very precise and gentle movements – safe for any age!

The Lake Wylie upper cervical chiropractic patients are not alone in recommending this office for its miracle-providing experts: Dr. Drury’s expertise and patient reports have even reached the attention of those in other countries. One of his patients, a small girl, suddenly stopped walking and could no longer use her hands properly. Her parents flew over to the United States to visit his office and after spending time correcting her upper cervical area, she started to walk normally and grab objects again.

Throughout the years, Dr. Drury has traveled to different countries teaching other chiropractors and helping patients who needed the power of upper cervical the most. He has received many awards and recognition for his results and devotion in upper cervical. The Lake Wylie chiropractic team consists of two more members whom Dr. Drury has taught: Dr. Tim Hartman and Dr. Amanda Lutzow. Together, they make an incredible change in the lives of their patients who have struggled to get their lives back. Every day they have the honor of seeing miracles happen.

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