There are 2.3 million people living with Multiple Sclerosis in the world right now. Every week in the United States alone, there are 200 more cases diagnosed in the United States. 200 a week. It’s become a big problem in the US. Well, I’ve got some very exciting news. We recently finished up some research we did in conjunction with Sapienza Medical School in Rome, Italy.

We have found some pretty incredible things. We have had great success helping people with Multiple Sclerosis in our office, which actually led to some people coming to the United States to be seen in our clinic, staying in a hotel for three months, and getting checked for a misalignment at the top of their neck for their Multiple Sclerosis.

 They went back and had pretty phenomenal results, good enough results to actually get the attention of their medical doctors back in Italy who reached out to me and said, “Hey, how did this happen? How did these guys come over here better?

One guy came over in a wheelchair and went back three months later and was walking without his wheelchair. How is this happening? We’ve never seen anything where Multiple Sclerosis actually can be reversed. At best, medicine tries to slow down the degenerative process of Multiple Sclerosis. How could this possibly be that people could actually heal and actually improve and get well?”

 He came over to spend a couple of weeks with me in the office, and I showed him and explained to him what we did, and what was different. We believe what we found was a misalignment at the top of the neck, specifically affecting the brain stem and affecting cerebrospinal fluid flowing from the brain to the body back to the brain.

That misalignment at the top of the neck would interfere with all of those things, not just cerebrospinal fluid, but also nerve function from the brain to the body, as well as even venous drainage, or blood drainage from the brain. All of these things slowed down the movement of particles through the body that would allow them to deposit more freely on the brain, which we believe created the spots on the brain and affects the nerve system.

 Anyway, at the end, they basically said, “Hey, let’s do some research.” I sent a doctor to Rome where we worked on, checked, and corrected 77 patients over a six-week period, all diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. All they did (the medical doctors and the hospitals) just did the diagnosis.

We did all the care. We checked every patient. We adjusted patients when necessary to make sure that we kept them clear at the top, meaning, making sure, first of all, when they came in to see if they had a misalignment at the top of their neck.

Every single of the 77 MS patients did, and we adjusted them and made sure that we removed the pressure at the brain stem so that now everything flowed freely, the nerve system communicated to the body at 100%, and then we checked them periodically over six weeks. The results we came back with blew away the medical doctors. The first time that they had ever seen 100% of the patients improved. All 77 had improvements in just six-week period.

 Now, what were those improvements? I printed some things out I thought would be pretty cool, but you can look this up. You can go into PubMed, type in Upper Cervical, Multiple Sclerosis, Dr. Moser, Dr. Marceca, and all these were people involved in the study.

Motor improvement, in just six weeks: 35% improved, 35% in just six weeks. That’s one. Visual and acoustic improvements: 37% and 49% just within six weeks. This is the part that really blew me away that I thought, “How phenomenal is this?” This is not just Multiple Sclerosis.

This particular group of people had Multiple Sclerosis, but this is what we see every day across the globe: people getting their brain stem interference removed: perceptive and cognitive. Cognitive was 59%, perceptive improvement, 78%. 78%. 80% improvement in your cognitive ability. I mean, how many people don’t want to their brain to work better in perceptive ability?

 This was just a six-week period. Now, how can that be? Well, a misalignment here interferes with brain function, and interferes with messages from the brain to the body. If you interfere with those messages, limbs don’t work right, legs don’t work right, brain doesn’t work right.

If you can find it, if you can remove the inference, all of a sudden, the messages open up to the arms, to the legs, to the torso. The brain can communicate to the brain the way it was designed to. It’s unbelievable, but yet, there’s no drugs, there’s no negative side effect. The only side effect is improved health because the only thing that can happen when your nervous system works better, and your brain communicates better to the body is the body can heal.

 If you have Multiple Sclerosis or if you just want to improve your health overall, find an upper cervical doctor near you. Google “Upper Cervical Chiropractor near me.”

We have instrumentation. We have programs we can check you with to determine do you have pressure at the top of your neck, or if you have something that could be interfering with the brain communicating to the body. If so, we do a very gentle procedure to remove the interference, so now the brain communications in 100%. Who doesn’t want that? What could possibly be wrong with having your brain work better and have your brain talk to your body better? I mean, that’s what we do.