There’s been medical research that has shown that 70% of natural, vaginal delivered children have a misalignment at the top of the neck. How could that be? The birthing process itself is traumatic, and so a lot of our children are having trauma from the birthing process itself, and I’ll tell you, in my 25 years, I’ve never had one single child that came in from a cesarean section that was not subluxated, and what that means was there was some trauma induced that caused one of the upper bones of the neck to be pushed out of alignment.

Maybe they don’t have a lot of neck pain. Maybe they don’t have headaches, but if that bone gets even a little bit out of alignment, it can affect other systems of their body. It can create a weakened immune system. We see a lot of chronic ear infections, babies with colic, reflux. It can affect their energy. It can affect their digestion. It can affect how they sleep. It can affect how they breathe. It can affect their immune function, and how they react to the environment with allergies, food allergies.

What we have found is having your children checked as soon as possible, because you don’t know what could’ve happened during the birthing process, you don’t know what the ramifications can show up, because if a bone gets out of line at the top of the neck, that’s the brain stem. That’s the most vital part of the entire body. It’s the switchboard operator between your brain and your heart, your liver, your lungs, your kidneys, your arms, your legs.

And it can actually even create learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity, because the thought, everything that happens in the brain cycles through the brain stem, so if there’s a misalignment at the top of the neck, then it can interfere with normal brain functions, and we obviously don’t want that for our children. We don’t want that for ourselves. We don’t want that for anyone in our family.

If you know that you or your child has had some sort of birthing trauma, a good idea is, first of all, if it was a C-section, if they used a suction or tongs, pretty good chance. If there were any traumas, hematomas on the head or anything that you can think of that maybe wasn’t quite as smooth as it could’ve been, it’s worthwhile to get them checked. If they were ever a C-section baby, then definitely have them checked.

Both of my kids were C-sections and they both were subluxated during that process. Thank God, I got them checked and adjusted within hours of their delivery. Just if you have any inclination, and maybe there was some sort of a trauma, maybe there was some sort of a pulling on the head or something that could’ve happened, get them checked. We’ll be happy to check them just to see if there may be something going on.

If there is, we’ll explain to you what we need to do to make sure we get it corrected. If there’s not, then hey, at least we’ll know. We’ll rule that out, and if they still have some health issues, then we’re try to find another specialist that we believe that can help them. 

Take your child in, your children in to get checked to see if maybe there’s something that could be interfering with their quality of life that could’ve happened during that birthing process. If so, they’ll correct it. You’ll see a change in the child, a change in yourself as the communication starts to open back up between the brain and the body.