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Vestibular disorder

Meniere’s disease – Severe vestibular disorder

Meniere’s disease is a chronic vestibular disease. In the 1800s, French physician Prosper Meniere first described this disease. In the era when Meniere’s disease was yet unidentified and not described it was believed that vertigo, tinnitus, and impaired hearing were related to damage or pathology of the brain. 

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Natural Treatment for Vestibular Disorder Symptoms

The vestibular disorder occurs when the vestibular system is damaged. This can be caused by the natural aging process, an infection, or an injury to the head or neck. Vestibular disorder symptoms can take a toll on a person’s daily life and while there are treatment options available, it is hard to find an effective natural treatment for reducing or eliminating vestibular disorder symptoms.

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Vestibular disorder natural recovery in Charlotte

I would like to talk to you a little bit about vestibular problems and a natural way to get relief right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you have a vestibular disorder, obviously it is an inner ear problem that has something to do with your balance.

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