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Vertigo Relief

Vertigo problems treated in Charlotte

Hi, I'm Dr. Ray Drury with the Upper Cervical Spine Center and we have patients come to us literally from all over the world with a variety of inner ear disorders such as vertigo problems. Now, what are vertigo problems? Well, vertigo problems are a whirling or a dizzy sensation, lack of balance that stems from something going on in the inner ear. Now, most of the time they go and they look at the ear and they don't see anything wrong with the ear.

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Vestibular is balance. Cochlear is hearing. Dr. Ray Drury is help

A recent study showed that 35% of Americans over 40 have some sort of inner ear or vestibular problem. Most of the time this is associated with vertigo or dizziness. 35%!  So over 1/3 of Americans over 40 have some degree of inner ear problem, vestibular, balance issues or vertigo

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Getting a Grip on Dizziness with Proper Spinal Alignment

Dizziness and vertigo rank alongside back pain and headaches as some of the most common reasons for visits to family physicians, clinics, and the emergency room. Falling is often a direct consequence, and this becomes even greater when one is elderly, due to other neurological problems and chronic medical problems.

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