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What to do About Head Pain

Before considering medication and surgery, it is best to look over your natural options first before choosing to alter the way your body naturally functions. Remember, pain is used to send you signals that something is going wrong and medication used to ignore this pain might keep your body from doing its job and “masking” a much deeper issue.

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Understanding Head Pain

Migraine and severe headache pain are the leading causes of disability across the United States. With many specific treatments becoming more costly, it is hard to find good treatments for families with median or below average income.

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Chronic Pain and Chiropractic Care

Hey guys. Dr. Drury with you today, and I'm here in beautiful Maui at a conference, and in the conference, one of the people who was speaking asked everybody who was in pain in right now to stand up, and I was amazed. I looked around, and there was like 80% of the people standing up in the room.

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