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Where does the pain between shoulder blades come from?

Posted in Back Pain on Oct 08, 2018

We often have patients come to us with pain in the shoulder blades, between the shoulders, down the mid-back. Actually, sometimes it's been so bad that they've gone to the emergency room thinking they're having a heart attack, because it can sometimes even radiate down into the arm, mimicking that of a heart attack. Oftentimes, they usually rule that out, give them a painkiller, muscle relaxers, which obviously mask it, never fix anything.

I wanted to explain to you a little bit about where this happens. I will tell you right now that almost 100% of the time when you have pain in the upper back, specifically that pain there between the shoulder blades, it can feel like a knife sticking you in the back, sometimes you have a big knot that you can feel, the muscles are just really tired there. Almost 100% of the time it actually is compensation for something going on in your neck. 99% of the time, I would say. What happens is your body is designed to be straight. Your spine is designed to be straight. Well, if one of the bones on the top of the neck get even a little bit out of position, the head sits on those top bones, and it'll take the head with it.

Well, the brain doesn't like it, so the brain sends messages and says, "Hey, I'm out balanced. I've got to get level." When this bone gets out of alignment, the body can't fix it. It cannot realign it. What'll happen over time is your body will start compensating until the head levels. What it will do is it could pull down one shoulder, it could pull up one hip. If it's turned, it can start your spine rotating from side to side. Up in your neck, you have little bones, little muscles. But as you get lower, you have bigger bones, bigger muscles and, to add insult to injury, you have ribs and you have scapula and you have all these other things in your back that are connected to those muscles. As it works down in the upper back, there are a lot more things there to get irritated. A lot of times it will pull on those ribs. You can imagine how if your body contorts, how it can create that heavy-duty muscle spasms, swelling, inflammation, pain between the shoulder blades.

It's such an easy thing to fix, though. If we can find what the cause of it is, and, as I said, 99% of the time it comes from the neck, if we can find it, if we can correct it, then like a domino effect, it literally will work its way back down, and you will feel the muscles start to let go. In this case, it won't be like a muscle relaxer, it will be a permanent thing. The muscles let go and they don't have to fight anymore. If your body gets contorted, then that means one side stretches and the other side shrinks. It's a constant tug of war going on from the base of your head all the way across to the shoulders. Sometimes it goes all the way down even into your lower back. If you have pain between the shoulder blades, get checked.

Let's get checked and see what's causing it. I'll tell you one thing for sure, it's not a drug deficiency, so taking medications is not going to fix it. It's not too many body parts, so there's no surgery. What you need to do is find out what's causing it. Come to our office, let us check you. We don't charge for the initial consultation. In the consultation, you sit down with the doctor. The doctor will tell you, "Hey, I think I can help you." Then they'll explain to you what we need to do and any further charges. If it's something we can't help you with, then we'll try to find someone else that can. Then we'll refer you to that specialist so that you can get the help that you need. It doesn't cost you anything for that, right?

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Give our office a call, 704-588-5560, if you're in the Charlotte area. If you're in the surrounding area, we have people come several hours away. But give our office a call. Let's get you in and find out what is causing that pain that just won't go away. If you don't live in this area, try to find an upper cervical doctor near you. Google it. If you can't find one wherever you're at, give our office a call. We'll do our best to find one for you, okay? Hope you have a great afternoon. We look forward to meeting you.