What kind of conditions Upper Cervical Chiropractor Doctors treat?

Posted in Upper Cervical on Nov 21, 2018

Hi. Dr. Drury with the Upper Cervical Spine Center. I often get asked, "What kind of conditions, what kind of ailments do Upper Cervical Chiropractors treat?" Well, that's a good question. Actually, we don't treat any ailments.  We don't treat conditions, because what we want to do is correct the underlying cause of the health problem, not necessarily treat the condition itself.

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To treat a condition is basically to treat the symptoms. What we do is, we treat the patient.  We want to maximize whatever your full potential is, to make sure that your body can function as its optimal level. Now, as that happens, a lot of times patients come into us with a wide range of conditions that respond really well to what we do, but we're not treating the conditions. We don't treat fibromyalgia, we don't treat multiple sclerosis, or diabetes, or digestive disorders. We don't even treat neck pain and back pain. What we do is we check the body out to see if there's some underlying problem, a cause that could, as a result, lead to a wide range of conditions. Then, if there is, we correct the cause, allowing the body to actually do the healing.

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No Doctor has ever healed anyone in the history of mankind. All healing comes from within. People that treat conditions are actually just treating the symptoms, which usually mean they're eventually going to come back. What we want to do is find out if there's a problem within your body. If there is, if we can correct it, we don't change what we're doing based off of your particular symptom or condition. We do the same thing for every person, it just so happens that your cause may be creating one condition, while the same cause in somebody else may be creating a different type of symptom, or disease process. At the Upper Cervical Spine Center, we're not going to treat you for your condition.

We're going to treat you for you. We're going to make sure that your body's lined up perfectly, that your nervous system's functioning at its optimal potential, because the nervous system is what actually heals you.  Interference to the nervous system is what creates these problems. If we can maximize your potential, get the nervous system functioning fully at 100%, then your body's going to work like it's supposed to, the way it's designed to. In the process, we often see these types of conditions or symptoms to start to disappear. Get to an Upper Cervical Doctor, just let them check you. At the very least, maybe you can prevent developing conditions like this.

If you have a condition like this already, then getting your body functioning at its optimal level, getting 100% nerve flow from brain to body, could potentially allow your body to heal from symptoms like this. If you live on the Charlotte area, Pineville, Matthews, Mint Hill, Gastonia, Belmont, Huntersville, Cornelius, even down in Rock Hill South Carolina, Fort Mill. Give our office a call, we're the office for you. 704-588-5560. We never charge for the consultation to find out what your needs are, and if we can help you we will tell you.

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If we can't, best we can do is we'll refer you to someone else, another specialist if we think we can. If you don't live in the Charlotte area, do yourself a favor. Google, try to find an Upper Cervical Chiropractor near you, that you can go and get checked to see if there's something interfering with your potential, the function of your nervous system, to help you get a better life, improve the way you live, and help you with whatever may be ailing you. Hope you have a great afternoon, we look forward to meeting you.  

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