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What causes shoulder and arm pain?

Posted in Neck Pain on Oct 18, 2018

A lot of people come in here with severe, chronic shoulder and arm pain. Now where does shoulder and arm pain come from? How come you have that tingling numbness sensations in the arm? Pain that goes down into the arm. Weakness possibly in the arm, even into the wrist and the hand. Well what most people don't realize is the nerves that go down the arm actually come out of the neck. What we have found is most of the time, if there's a misalignment of one of the upper bones in the neck, it can affect the nerves before they actually even come down into the arm and create the sensations that you feel of shoulder pain, arm pain, weakness, numbness, tingling. A lot of our patients wake up at night and one of their arms is asleep or they can't move their shoulder or they have to grab that arm and lift it over top of them.

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Well what we've found is most of the time, it actually starts with a problem in the neck that affects the nerves that go down the shoulder, down into the arm. So if you've been battling with shoulder pain, arm pain, first of all think about is it both shoulders? Is it both arms? If it is, then it's probably a lower neck issue. If it's just one shoulder, one arm then it can very likely be an upper neck issue. But obviously we don't know until we take a closer look. But we have found is almost 100% of the time, when you have a chronic shoulder without having some sort of a blowout or some sort of an injury. I mean if you’re ... In a car wreck and you hit the windshield with your shoulder or something, obviously that's a little different. But if you had chronic shoulder pain, arm pain, numbness, tingling, elbow pain, wrist pain, the best thing you can do is try to get to the cause of it. Taking medications might temporarily mask it, but you don't have a drug deficiency that's causing your shoulder and arm pain. So medications will never fix it.

Where does the pain between shoulder blades come from? So what you have to do is try to get to the core, right, the cause of it. And the best thing to do is have somebody check your neck. Now if you're in the Charlotte area, we're the upper cervical doctor for you. Our office is here on Arrowood Road.  You're welcome to call our office, we never charge for initial consultations just to find out what your needs are. Our office number is 704-588-5560. Now we serve the surrounding community in Matthews, Mint Hill, Ballantyne, Gastonia, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Huntersville, Cornelius.

But if you don't live in this area then try to find an upper cervical chiropractor near you. Just Google it or if you're having a hard time finding an upper cervical chiropractor, then call our office, we'll do our best to try find one. See if we can get down to the core root of what's causing that shoulder pain. I know it's driving you crazy, affecting your life in so many levels. Give our office a call. Again, 704-588-5560. Let's get to the root cause, let's correct the cause and let's help you get your life back. Hope you have a great day and I hope this helps you out.