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Posted in Upper Cervical Depression Insomnia on Apr 10, 2021

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I think we can all agree that the number one thing we havenoticed in 2020 and the first four months of 2021, is an increasein stress, and that is for good reason. We are dealing with aglobal pandemic right now. There are two sides to everything goingon, whether you are completely scared by this virus, or maybe youdon't worry about it at all. Maybe you have lost a loved onerecently, which is awful. Maybe you got the virus yourself and itjust really took a toll on you. Maybe you are one of those peoplewho are sick and tired of the restrictions, and you just wantthings to go back to normal. Regardless of what you are goingthrough, everyone is dealing with a little more stresscurrently.

My name is Dr. Zach Shaw and I am with the Upper Cervical SpineCenter. As upper cervical chiropractors, we help take care ofpeople's stress for them. Now how do we do that?

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Adaptation all happens through your nervous system. Every singlehuman being is designed to be able to adapt to stress. Thesestresses can be in the form of mental stress, physical stress,emotional stress, or chemical stress, and all of these things beatour body down to the point where we may be sick, depressed,anxious; you name it. Regardless of what it is, these negativestresses beat down our body if our bodies do not know how to handlethem.

As upper cervical doctors, we search for and correct themisalignment at the top of the neck that is putting pressure on thebrainstem. We know that this misalignment is interfering with themessages between your brain and body, and between the brain itself.When we see nervous system interference, the body can't workproperly; the brain can't work properly and can't receive theproper messages.

So let’s say we have a misalignment at the top of the neck. Thebrain sends a signal down to the brainstem, which the brainstemrelays back to the brain, and that message is interfered with. Amessage of happiness turns into sadness, anxiousness, ordepression. Add in the increase in stress we have had this year andlast year, and we start to see a lot more depression and anxietycoming into the office. If there is interference to your nervoussystem, we need to find it now and remove it, so your body canadapt to these physical, chemical and emotional stresses exactly asit was designed to do.

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If you're feeling an increase in stress lately - maybe you'redepressed, anxious, or have something else going on, give ouroffice a call. We are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our number is704-588-5560. We will be happy to do a complimentary exam andconsultation so that we can figure out if you have an uppercervical problem that could be causing you to not be able to adaptto stresses like you should. If you're not in the Charlotte, NorthCarolina area, give our office a call anyway, and I promise we willfind an upper cervical doctor as close to you as possible.

I hope you learned something today. I hope you can relieve somestress and you have an amazing day.

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