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Stop Insomnia and get a restful sleep in less hours.

Posted in Health, Insomnia, Pain on Jul 20, 2018

Recently, I've noticed a trend with patients coming into the office. I found at least 50% of my patients report that they do not wake up rested in the morning. They do not feel like they sleep well. I started to look online, do a little searching, and I found that 30% of Americans are diagnosed with chronic insomnia, which means that one out of every three Americans has actually gone through the trouble of seeing a doctor because of their sleeping problem and getting a diagnosis of not sleeping well. That's a serious problem that 30% of the people chronically don't sleep well. I would say at least 50% of my patients say they don't wake up rested, which means they're not getting the proper sleep that they need. What we have found is with every single one of the patients that I've had is that their sleep problem comes problem from a misalignment at the top of the neck.

I know that a lot of people say, "Well, it's stress." Well, it is indirectly. A lot of people say, "Well, it's age." Well, it is indirectly. How these things are related to sleep are not as a causal factor but as contributory? This is what happens. The sleep center resides in the heart of the brainstem. The brainstem comes down through the top two bones. The sleep center shuts the brain down from back to front through all four stages of sleep. That process can very easily be interfered with. If one of the bones in the top of the neck is out of align, then your sleep processes don't work the way they're supposed to. A lot of times, you don't get into stage four, that deep sleep, so you don’t wake up well-rested and recharged and ready to go.

Maybe you spend a lot of time dreaming or maybe you wake up frequently through the night. How does stress and age relate to that? Well, if you had a bone out of align in your neck, the longer it's been there, the greater effect it has on the nervous system and the brainstem. So, the older you are, the tendency would be that the longer you may have had a misalignment, right, versus a child or someone very young in life. As you get older, and older, and older, and you had a misalignment back you were a kid, the longer it's been there, the more likelihood that it's going to affect other parts of your body, including your sleep.

The initial misalignment always comes from some sort of trauma, okay? It doesn't have to be something that puts you in a hospital, but it could have been a fall, a car accident, a sports injury, I've heard of a thousand different ways to move one of the top bones out of align. Now, you need to understand that the brain, brainstem, spinal cord doesn't have any pain perceptions. You could have no headaches, no neck pain whatsoever, but still have a bone out of align affecting your sleep. Now, that's why here at the Upper Cervical Spine Center, we actually have objective digitized computerized equipment to actually check the brainstem to see if a problem in your neck could be what's affecting your sleep.

If it is, if you're not getting proper sleep, it's probably affecting a lot of things as well. Obviously, your energy level. It can affect your brain, causing brain fog as we often hear it. It can affect your immune function and how you fight off colds, and allergies, and flus. It can affect your digestion. Your body recovers when you're in deep. If you're not staying long enough in deep sleep for your body to recover day by day, then your body is slowly deteriorating, wearing down, bit by bit, which means it's getting weaker.  That is ultimately going to lead to further problems down the road. If you don't feel like you are rested when you get up in the morning, you're not getting up before the alarm clock, ready to go, your energy's not kicking on all cylinders, there may be a problem at the top of your neck.

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Multiple Sclerosis Doctor Charlotte

Multiple Sclerosis Doctor Charlotte

Sep 22, 2016

I highly recommend that you find an upper cervical doctor near you. Get this upper part of the neck checked to see if you might have a misalignment up here that could be affecting your sleep. If you do, and if you get that corrected, I promise you your life will change dramatically. If you live in the Charlotte area, give our office a call, The Upper Cervical Spine Center, at 704-588-5560. We never charge for the consultation to find out what your needs are and if you have an upper cervical problem. If you do, we will then explain to you what we need to do to get the problem corrected and get you sleeping good. If you don't, hey, we'll rule that out, and we will help you find someone else that we think then can help you with your sleep problems, okay?

If you live Charlotte, Gastonia, Rock Hill, Mint Hill, Pineville, Matthews, Huntersville, Cornelius, anywhere in the Charlotte area, we're the upper cervical doctors for you. Give our office a call. We'd love to check you out, find out what we can do for you. I hope you have a great day and I hope you get a great night's sleep tonight. If not, it's soon to come. Have a great afternoon.