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Rest area at the Upper Cervical Spine Care

Posted in Health, Pain, Rest Area, spine pain on Apr 09, 2018

Well, this is our rest area. And I wanted to show you the rest area at the Upper Cervical Spine Center because I think it's important for you to understand that upper cervical specific care is different. How many people do you know dedicate this much room just to give your body a chance to start healing? Now the reason we have a rest area is because when we make a correction, what happens is it's a very specific correction. And our objective is to get the bone to stay there.

So, what happens is when bones in the neck are moved, the ligaments that hold those bones, they form kind of gel. And research has found that it takes about 10 minutes for that gel to harden back up. So, what happens in our office is when you do need to be adjusted, which we're going to determine when you do and when you don't. We make a very specific correction to the top of the neck. Then we have this rest area. And we're going to walk you out here.

You are going to lay down in the rest area with dim lights, relaxing music. I've got it bright in here now so you can see. But we turn the lights down dim. We play some relaxing music. You're laying down with the little cervical pillow under your neck for about 15 to 20 minutes. Now what happens during that time is two things. One is it allows those ligaments to harden back up, which gives you more staying power. It allows the adjustment to hold longer so that your body has more time to heal. And it prevents you from going out, backing out of the driveway, turning your head and all that stuff and undoing what we just did. The other thing it does is it gives a little time for the communication between your brain and body to go ahead and start opening up, get those healing pathways going to get that health and the healing started.


Then we want to get you back up and take you back into the adjusting room. Now we're going to check you again with the same instrument we checked you when you came in to determine if you need it. Now we're going to check you again to make sure that the pressure is off the nerve system, off the brainstem, and that healing potential, that innate intelligence, is opened up 100% and promotes the healing. So we're going to make sure before you leave that the problem you came in with is now gone.

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What that is going to do is allow your body to heal the way it's intended to. We want to make sure all the interference to your body's ability to heal is gone. And in this nice, relaxing rest area, which some people come here just for the relaxation, I promise you, allows your body to kind of calm down and start unwinding and start getting back to the old you, to help you get your life back right after the adjustment, while you're resting back here. So I wanted you guys to see another thing that makes upper cervical care and the Upper Cervical Spine Center different.

Now if you have any health concerns whatsoever, or if you have kids, you want to make sure they stay well, if you want to get well, if you have health problems, if you just want to maintain your health and live a better life than you currently do, we always say that upper cervical will add years to your life and life to your years. Find an upper cervical doctor near you. If you live in the Charlotte area, please give us a call. We'd be happy to offer you a free consultation to find out if you might have an upper cervical problem that could be interfering with your life.

Could be diminishing your ability to live the life that you deserve. Call our office at 704-588-5560. We'd be happy to get you in, check you out to see if you have something going on. If you do, we'll tell you and we'll explain to you what we need to do. If it's not, I promise you we'll find another specialist that can help you, and we'll direct you to them. Either way, it doesn't cost you anything just to talk. Now, if you live in the Charlotte area, Pineville, Matthews, Rock Hill, Gastonia, Mint Hill, Cornelius, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, anywhere in the surrounding area, give our office a call.

Come on in. Let's check you out. If you don't live in this area, than keep looking. I'm sure there's an upper cervical doctor somewhere near you. Go on Google. If you can't find one, give us a call. We'll try to find one close to you. Hope you have a great day. Hope you can get some rest and relaxation like our patients do. And we hope to see you soon.