Relationship between chiropractic and hearing loss

Posted in Hearing Loss Chiropractic on Dec 10, 2018

Hi. Doctor Ray Drury with you, from the Upper Cervical SpineCenter. Today we want to talk to the relationship betweenchiropractic and hearing loss, often referred to as eustachian tubedysfunction. What we have found is, that a lot of times whenpeople come to us with hearing loss, they look at the ear, and theysee there's really nothing wrong with the ear. But somehow oranother, the message from the ear to the brain is not getting therelike it's supposed to, so we have a degree of hearing loss.Sometimes total, sometimes partial. 

The message that goes from the ear to the brain, that recordsthe hearing, it travels across a nerve. The nerve is called thevestibular cochlear nerve. If there is interference to the nerveitself, then the message gets to the ear normally, it's transmittedvia the nerve normally, but somewhere between the nerve and thebrain, it gets distorted, which can interfere with the message sothat it interferes with the hearing, or the reception or theinterpretation that the brain may get. 

So, what we have found is, that there is only one place in thebody that can actually interfere with that particular message fromthe ear to the brain, and that's right up here at the brain stem.That vestibular cochlear nerve is a cranial nerve, that comes offof the brain stem, and goes back up into the ear. The message comesfrom the ear, travels along that nerve, comes out the skull, backto the brainstem down here.  If the bone is out of position,say down in here and compressing that brainstem, then like steppingon a garden hose, it can create that eustachian tube dysfunction,or quite simply a lack of hearing, or inability to hear. 

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We've found that if we can find that, and if we can put the boneback in position so that it takes the pressure off the brain stem,stops the interfering with the message from the ear to the brain.It's kind of like lifting your foot off the garden hose. Then allof a sudden, the messages start to normalize, and people start tohear again. 

Matter of fact, chiropractic was founded when hearing wasrestored. Harvey Lillard was a janitor who had been deaf for 16years, and DD Palmer was the guy who founded chiropractic. What hefound was a lump up here in the top of his neck, and it was wherethat bone had moved out of position. He went and pushed on thatlump, and the lump went away. Well, on the third day he did that,all of a sudden Harvey Lillard got his hearing back. So that'sactually how chiropractic was founded, was that he was able torestore somebody's hearing, by correcting the position of a bone inthe neck. 

We have done this for 25 years, at the Upper Cervical SpineCenter. We've found that people that have a lack of hearing, ifthey have a misalignment at the top of their neck, that could bethe cause. By correcting that misalignment, we can actually reversethe cause, and the ear can actually start to work as it wasintended. 

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If you have hearing problems, eustachian tube dysfunction, itwould be a good idea to get this area checked out by an uppercervical chiropractor. If you live in the Charlotte area, we wouldbe the office for you. We're on Arrowood Road. Our office number is(704) 588-5560. Just give Cynthia and Suzanne a call, and they'llbe happy to set you up for our no cost consultation, to just see ifyou might have an upper cervical problem, that we think could becreating your hearing loss. 

If so, from that point, we'll explain to you what we need to do.If we find that you don't have an upper cervical misalignmentthat's causing it, then we will try our best to find anotherspecialist that we think that can help you.  If you don't livein the Charlotte area, Google upper cervical chiropractor near me.Find someone. Just go ahead and get this area checked out. There'sa chance that they might really be able to help you. If you can'tfind one online, give our office a call, we'll do our best to tryto find the closest one near you. 

I hope you have a great afternoon. Let's get that upper cervicalarea checked. Let's get your head on straight. We'll talk to yousoon. 


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