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The Real Cause of Back Pain

Posted in Back Pain, Pain on Mar 13, 2017

Although back pain is the most prevalent condition on the planet, up until now, the real cause of back pain has been a mystery.  For those that are tired of dealing with chronic pain, this short video will finally give you the answers you've been searching for. Eight out of ten people in America will have spine pain at some point in their lives.  

Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide.  Americans spend over $50 billion a year on spine pain, most of which is for pain medications that do nothing to correct the cause but only temporarily mask the pain. Only one in ten people with spine pain ever find out the actual cause of their pain, which is why 60-80% of people who have lower back pain have it again within 2 years.  

This short video explains why people have back pain, where it comes from, and why most people never get to the root cause of their problem.   If are tired of living with low back pain and you would like to get checked to see if you have an Upper Cervical problem that is preventing you from living the life you want to, please call our office to set up your FREE consultation to talk with one of our doctors, 704-588-5560.

If we believe we can help you we will explain what we need to do.  If we do not believe we can help you we will do our best to find someone else we believe can help you. Please share this information with anyone you believe that needs to see it.  You have nothing to lose but the pain!