Post Concussion Syndrome - The real reasons

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Hi, I'm Dr. Ray Drury with the Upper Cervical Spine Center, andfall is right here upon us. We're rolling into a heavy footballseason and soccer, and so we have a lot of kids, even adults, thatcome into us after they've had some sort of blow to the head, orpossibly a concussion. Now, the thing that's important to note isthat if you take a blow to the head that is strong enough to createa concussion, then there's a very, very good likelihood thatthere's a much bigger problem actually below the brain, which is inthe upper part of the neck.

    Think about this: a concussion…what happensis there's a blow to the head that's strong enough that the brainactually slams into the skull and actually bruises the brainitself. Well, if there's enough force to sling that brain back andforth you can imagine, this is the neck. If there's that kind offorce, you can imagine what that would do to the position of thebones underneath it. We have a 10-12 pound head sitting on top of abone that weighs about three ounces, so that type of blow to thehead is enough to bruise the brain. It's more than likely going toreposition some of the bones in the top of the neck. 

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    This is very important because, with postconcussion syndrome, most of the time the brain is healed, but nowthey're still having symptoms. They're having headaches, maybe sometimes dizziness, sometimes foggyheadedness, they can't concentrate, have potential neck pain, andsevere headaches is usually the biggest symptom, but what'shappening is there's something more frequently underneath that hasinterfered with the brainstem. The lower part of the brain comesdown into the top two bones of the neck, and that's interferingwith blood flow, cerebral spinal flow, and even how the brain worksitself. 

    If you have ever had a concussion and youstill have post concussion syndrome, and you still have symptomslingering as a result, then it only makes sense to just get thispart of the area, this part of your neck, checked out because mostof the time what we have found is they have a severe misalignmenthere that will happen at the same time as the injury, but they lumpit into “Oh, it's still the brain healing.” Well, it's not becauseusually within two to three months most of those concussionsymptoms have cleared up. If you're having lingering symptoms as aresult, there's a very good likelihood there's a problem at the topof your neck that has created it.

    If you have ever had any kind of blow to thehead or any kind of concussion, it's always a good idea to get thatarea checked. If you have a child that may have had an injury, thenalways follow up with an upper cervical doctor just to double checkto see if there's a problem there. If there's not, hey great, weruled it out. If there is, if left uncorrected over time, it cancreate bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger problems throughoutthe entire spine, and the entire body as a result.

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    So if you live in the Charlotte area, we'rethe upper cervical doctor for you: The Upper Cervical Spine Center.We're conveniently located between 77 and 485 on W Arrowood Road.Our office number is 704-588-5560. We never charge for the initialconsultation to find out what your needs are. If it's something wethink we can help you with, we'll explain to you what we need todo. If it's not something we think we can help you with, then wepromise we will find another specialist that we believe can helpyou.

    So try to find an upper cervical doctor nearyou. If you're not in theCharlotte/Pineville/Matthews/Ballantyne/Rock Hill/FortMill/Huntersville/Cornelius/Gastonia/Belmont area, Google it. Tryto find someone else. Try to find someone in your area that youthink can do the upper cervical work. If you can't find one, callour office, and we'll do our best to try to locate a doctor foryou.

    So I hope this makes sense. Get that uppercervical area checked. Let's keep your head on straight. I hope youhave a great afternoon. Share this video if it makes sense to you.Thank you very much. Bye bye. 


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