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Multiple Sclerosis Doctor Charlotte

Posted in Health, Multiple Sclerosis on Sep 22, 2016

One day while sitting in his wheelchair, Mauricio, who had been battling multiple sclerosis for several years, saw an article in his small-town paper about a lady who had traveled to the United States to get help for her medical condition—help she said she’d been unable to find in Europe.  

Upper Cervical - A Specialty in Chiropractic

Mauricio read with great interest the story of Damiana and her battle with dystonia and cerebellar ataxia and how her doctors in Italy had told her there was nothing more they could do and that she would probably die within five years and live those years in pain, in a wheelchair.  However, after seeking the help of an upper cervical chiropractor, a chiropractor who specializes in the top two bones of the neck, Damiana returned from North Carolina, pain-free and out of her wheelchair.   Mauricio called the lady in the article and asked about the doctor and this unheard-of procedure, and within a few weeks, he was on his way to the States to see if upper cervical care could help him.  When Mauricio arrived at Dr. Ray Drury’s office, Dr. Drury explained that he did not treat multiple sclerosis or any condition for that matter, but if Mauricio had a bone out of line in his neck it could be causing his MS.  

Correcting the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Drury examined Mauricio, scanned his neck with a heat-reading instrument, and found that there was indeed a misalignment in Mauricio’s neck, so he took three x-rays of Mauricio’s upper cervical spine to see exactly how the bones were misaligned. Dr. Drury then repositioned the top bone in Mauricio’s neck after which Mauricio rested for about thirty minutes. The second heat-reading showed that the bone was now properly positioned. Within three months Mauricio was moving his arms and legs and walking with assistance, something he hadn’t done in years.  

Chiropractic - Not Just For Back and Neck Pain

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The following year, sixteen more patients with conditions like ALS, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, paralysis, and ataxia came to Charlotte for upper cervical care. They all improved.  Encouraged by this interest in and appreciation for upper cervical care, Dr. Drury soon opened his first of four upper cervical clinics in Italy.   Mauricio’s improvement got the attention of his medical doctors in Italy.  During one of Dr. Drury’s trips to Italy to work with upper cervical doctors there, he met Dr. Giuseppe Marceca, a vascular specialist who was interested in how Dr. Drury was able to help Mauricio and the other patients.  This led to an introduction to Dr. Sandro Mandolesi, a well-known MS specialist who was doing research on MS.  

Medical Doctors and Chiropractors Working Together

A collaboration between Italian medical doctors and American upper cervical chiropractors ensued to research the root cause of multiple sclerosis.  The medical doctors performed all the pre and post exams, upright MRI, Doppler ultrasound, and symptom evaluations.  The upper cervical chiropractors performed the corrections to realign the upper cervical bones.  This was the first study of its kind.  

The Causes of MS

The research, as published on PubMed, found that if one of the bones in the upper cervical spine was misaligned it could put pressure on the veins in front of the bone and cause venous congestion (lack of venous blood drainage) from the brain causing MS and related symptoms.  Upper cervical chiropractic corrections to remove the venous blockage resulted in improved function in multiple areas of the body. 77 MS patients in the study were followed for the first six weeks of care only.  The results surprised everyone, even the chiropractors.  This study was covered by FOX News in the U.S.   The percentage of patients that noticed specific areas of improvement:

  • 100%  Perceptive
  • 85%    Motor
  • 85%    Urinary / Intestinal Function
  • 67%    Acoustic
  • 48%    Visual
  • 37%    Cognitive

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The percentage of improvement in symptoms by the whole group in these areas:

  • 78%  Perceptive
  • 59%  Cognitive
  • 49%  Acoustic
  • 43%  Urinary / Intestinal Function
  • 37%  Visual
  • 35%  Motor

This was not the first time research has been done with medical doctors doing the testing and upper cervical chiropractors performing the care.  In 2007 Dr. George Bakris, director of the Hypertension Center at the University of Chicago Medical Center, and Dr. Bruce Bell, a family practitioner, collaborated in a study that showed a one-time upper cervical adjustment of a misaligned Atlas, the first bone in the neck, performed by an upper cervical doctor, Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, reduced blood pressure by an average of 17 points.  “This procedure (an upper cervical adjustment) has the effect of not one, but two blood pressure medications given in combination, and it seems to be adverse-event free.  We saw no side effects,” Dr. Bakris told the Chicago Tribune and WebMD.