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Migraine relief with Upper Cervical Care

Posted in Head Pain Disorder, Headache, Migraine Headaches, Migraines/Headaches on Jul 30, 2018

If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans that have been searching for migraine relief, well, you're in the right place. Let's first talk about migraines. To get relief, a lot of times people are thinking you have to wait until the migraine comes on then you take some sort of a pill, potion, lotion, something that's going to then take the migraine away. Well, let's talk about that for a minute. Do you think that your migraines came from an Imitrex deficiency or an Excedrin Migraine deficiency?

Do you really believe that the cause of migraines are from not enough drugs in your system? No. So taking drugs, I can guarantee will never fix the migraines. It's never going to make them go away. It might mask the problem temporarily while it kind of knocks you out, maybe, for a day or two. Let's forget about relief. Let's go for remove, let's go for removing the migraine. Okay? I've seen thousands of patients with migraines in my 25 years, and I'll tell you that almost every single time we have found the root cause of their migraines was a little bone at the top of the neck. One little three ounce bone, believe it or not, can get misaligned and create the symptoms of a migraine. How does that actually happen?

Do you realize there are no nerves that come off the brain? You have 12 cranial nerves that come off the brain stem on each side of the end of the upper neck. They go up into the skull and innervate the head, face and neck. That's your hearing, that's your taste, that's your smell, that's your vision, muscles of the face, etc. They also control the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. Those nerves control the blood vessels and how they open up, dilate or constrict. When your brain says “I need more blood”, it sends a message down, the heart speeds up, blood pressure goes up to push the blood against gravity up into the brain. Well, if those blood vessels are constricted and they do not dilate then you do not get proper blood flow to the brain.

What controls the blood vessels? The nerves at the brain stem. If one of the bones up here at the top of the neck is just a little bit out of position, it can interfere with the messages getting to the blood vessels, having those blood vessels to open up to allow more blood flow. Then what happens? The blood vessels get irritated, they get inflamed, they become painful. You get a lack of blood flow to the brain that causes auras and confusion and mental fog and all that kind of stuff. The only way to correct the cause of the migraine is to go to the source. And the only way to do that is to find an upper cervical doctor.  I feel very confident, 95% of the people I've had come in or more, have had a bone out of alignment at the top of their neck that has caused their migraines.

So, let's forget about relief, let's go for removal. Let's remove the cause of the migraine so we don't have to wait for the pain to come back. The best thing you can do to get migraine relief is to find an upper cervical doctor near you. Our office is in Charlotte, we have people come from all over the world to our office but if you live close to Charlotte, give our office a call. 704-588-5560. Let's get to the root cause of your migraines. Let's forget the relief, let's go for the correction, removal of the migraines. We never charge for a consultation, come on in, let's sit down and let's find out if your migraines are coming from a problem in the neck.

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If it is, we'll explain to you exactly what we need to do to fix the problem once and for all. If it's not, at least you ruled that out and I promise you, we will do our best to find someone else that can help you. So give our office a call, let's get rid of those migraines once and for all. Forget relief, let's go for removal. We look forward to seeing you soon.