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Does Fibromyalgia Come From Neck Problems

Posted in Chiropractic, Disk Problems, Fibromyalgia, Neck Pain on Aug 29, 2018

In my 25 years in practice I would say fibromyalgia has probably been the condition that I have seen more of, at least more diagnosed cases of fibromyalgia than any other condition. It seems like medicine doesn't have much success at even treating the symptoms, primarily because fibromyalgia honestly just doesn't come from a drug deficiency so taking medications isn't going to do anything to fix fibromyalgia. It might temporarily mask the symptoms but they'll keep recurring because the actual cause has never been addressed. What we have found is most of the time fibromyalgia actually started with some sort of a neck injury years ago. Now, it could have been a few months but typically most of the time it's usually years ago.

What happens is the top bones in the neck do two things. One, they hold the head upright because the head sits on top of those two bones. The other thing, very importantly, they house the brainstem. The brainstem comes out of your head down through the top two bones in your neck, then it becomes spinal cord the rest of the way down. The brainstem seems to be the biggest problem when it comes to fibromyalgia. Now there's a lot of different reasons to this. One, the sleep center. If you have fibromyalgia then I'm sure it's probably been a while, you probably can't even remember the last time you had a good night's sleep.

With fibromyalgia if you don't sleep well what happens is your body just keeps tiring out and deteriorating because we're constantly fighting gravity so you're using the same muscles day, by day, by day. When you sleep, deep sleep, that's when your body heals, that's when those muscles repair themselves. By not getting into deep sleep it's like going and doing biceps curls every single day, every day, every day. Eventually those muscles, not only are they not going to repair but they're going to start to wear down and they're going to start to hurt and they're going to get achy. This is what's happening to your whole body because you're not getting into deep sleep.

The sleep center resides in the heart of the brainstem and it shuts the brain down from back to front through all four stages to get you into deep sleep so your body can repair and regenerate. If that's not happening then that's definitely causing your body to have more, and more, and more pain, muscle aches all over. It can also affect your posture because your head sits on top of those bones so anywhere those bones go it takes the head with it. Your brain's designed so that it has to be level.  It has its own reflexes called the righting reflex. The whole purpose is to make sure your brain is always balanced.  One of those neck injuries from years ago, a slip, a fall, an accident, abuse, you name it, there's so many different ways that one of these bones could have got just a little out of this alignment taking it a little bit off. 

Your body can't move that bone so what it will do is it will move other parts of your body, maybe drop one shoulder, maybe pull up one hip. It will cause your body to compensate creating weaknesses in your neck, your upper back, your lower back, it can affect the nerves that go down the arms, down the legs. Those compensations now are ... One side's stretched while the other side contracts and then you're not getting sleep and so now all these muscles are fighting against each other and now you have this chronic, chronic pain that builds up in the neck, and the upper back, and the lower back. Over time, this leads you to the point of fibromyalgia.  You could go to several medical doctors and they run out of ideas of what it could be so they just say, "Oh, it must be fibromyalgia." Well, what we've found is if we can find a misalignment at the top of the neck putting pressure on the brainstem ...

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Now, we have all the diagnostic equipment here at our office we can check you with. On the first visit we can tell you for sure whether you have a misalignment in your neck that's causing your fibromyalgia or not. If so, we'll explain to you what we can do to try to fix it. Very simple, we just find out how that bone's misaligned, one of 274 possible ways they can misalign. We'll figure out which one of those possible misalignments and we'll make a real simple correction to slide that bone right back under your head where it's supposed to be. Now your head level's out, the communication from your brain to your body opens up, the sleep center starts to activate again and actually shuts your brain down through all four stages and over time your body heals.

It's really that simple. If you think about it there's no fibromyalgia bug, there's no virus or bacteria that causes fibromyalgia. There's something going on inside of your body that creates this fibromyalgia symptom. I believe, from my experience of hundreds of fibromyalgia patients, every single one that I've had, I have found a misalignment in the top of the neck has been the cause of their problem. By correcting that, many of them who some of them have been on disability for years, got their life back, are living a normal pain free life. They're sleeping good, they're waking up with energy. I want that for you. If you live in the Charlotte area, give our office a call. If you don't, try to find somebody near you. Google upper cervical and find the closest upper cervical doctor.

You deserve it, you've suffered long enough, let's stop the suffering. If you live in the Charlotte area call us, 704-588-5560. We would love the opportunity to try to help you get your life back. Just call. We never charge for the initial consultation. During that consultation we're going to find out what your needs are. If you have a case that we believe we can help you with we're going to tell you that and tell you what we need to do now to correct it. If it's not a case we think we can help you with then we'll try to find someone else that can. That's the least we can do. Just give our office a call, we look forward to meeting you, see what we can do to get your life back. Have a great day.