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Digestive Problems

Posted in Digestive Problems, Health on Mar 03, 2018

A lot of people come to us with digestive problems and most have been to several other doctors by the time they get to us. They have usually heard things like, "it's what you eat", "it's your age", "it's genetic", etc.  They have usually been down the same medical road, taking medications, never really fixing their digestive problems but only masking it. If this goes on long enough, it can lead to more difficulties and bigger disease processes.


Now, let's talk about where these digestive problems come from. Your digestion is controlled by the nervous system. If you took your stomach out of your body and laid it on the table, that stomach is going to start to die. Why? Because there's not enough blood? No. Blood is only food for your body. It's because it's disconnected from the nervous system. What that means is, when you eat something, the message goes to your brain that says there's food, whether that's protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins or minerals  Then the messages leave the brain, go down the spinal cord to the digestive organs telling the digestive system what to do with the food you consumed.

When you swallow, something pushes that food down to the stomach. Something breaks that food down.  Breaking down protein into amino acids, carbohydrates into glucose, etc. It's the intelligence within your body that knows what to do with that food. Now, what happens when, let's say, digestion goes awry? Let's say you start to have some reflux or heartburn or some upper digestive problems, like bloating or gas? Well, there's some disconnect between your brain and that part of the body, so that maybe it's producing too much or not enough digestive enzymes to break down the food properly. So, you have a hard time digesting it. Maybe it even comes back up into your throat causing reflux.


What about the lower digestive system? If one of the bones in the top of your neck is our of alignment, and this is the only place it's gonna happen, the misaligned bone can put pressure on the specific pathways that go to your colon. What does that mean? It means the message from the brain to your colon is not getting there at 100%. What does that mean? Well, I don't know. It means it is not going to work the way your brain needs it to. Not working right could mean it doesn't absorb enough fluid.

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Maybe you have diarrhea. Maybe it moves too slow. Maybe you get backed up or constipated. Maybe it doesn't move at all. Like in Crohn's disease. All because one of the bones at the top of the neck have gotten misaligned, interfering with the messages to that part of the body. I had a kid come to me not too long ago, 15 years old, had been at Duke University for 30 dasy, had lost 28 pounds because his stomach had quit working. He was diagnosed with gastroparesis. Basically, the stomach just stops. Now, why would the stomach just suddenly stop? Well, Duke had no answer. They actually sent the kid home, feeding him through an IV bag and had no idea whether his stomach would ever start working again.


So, the dad called me. I told him, "If there's a bone out of line in his neck it could be interfering with the messages that are going to his stomach. If those messages are interfered with then the stomach doesn't work the way it's intended to. In his case maybe it doesn't work at all." So, the next day they brought him in. We checked him. We found that he definitely had a problem going on at the top of his neck. I showed his dad, on the x-ray, what's causing the problem. We made one correction.

While the 15-year-old was resting he sat up and he says, "You know what? I feel hungry." First time he had felt hungry in 30 days. We brought him back in, I post scanned him, I checked him again, and we found that now there was no pressure on the brainstem. What do you think happened to that kid? Well, the next day he ate a baked potato, first meal he had had in 31 days. Two days later, he ate his first full meal. Within two weeks he gained all his weight back. Stomach started working again.


When he went back to Duke they said it was just a coincidence. That young man went on to play on the state championship baseball team, he got a full scholarship where he now plays baseball in college.  Where would he have been had his dad not heard about upper cervical chiropractic?

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So, if you have any kind of digestive issues, whether it's heartburn or constipation, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, colitis, any other itis, find an upper cervical doctor near you. If you're in the Charlotte area call us. Our number is 704-588-5560. Call us and let's check and see if maybe the digestive problems that you have isn't a digestive problems after all but maybe a nerve problem.