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Can chiropractic help with pregnancy?

Posted in Pregnancy on Sep 26, 2018

Hi, I'm Dr. Ray Drury and as a Chiropractor here in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the questions I get asked most frequently is can chiropractic help with pregnancy?

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Actually, my wife has been pregnant three times and I've had, oh I don't know, over a hundred patients, and probably several hundred patients. They came into me either and eventually got pregnant or came into me while they were pregnant and what I have found is and what I tell my patients when they ask is that keeping your body aligned is very important while you're pregnant for two reasons. The most obvious reason is keeping your spine aligned as you add extra weight will help distribute the weight evenly and having your spine aligned when it comes time to deliver the baby.  Your pelvis will move in compensation as your body gets contorted and you want to have everything as open as possible to make that delivery as smooth as possible.

Right? If your pelvis was to be twisted, one leg pulls up higher than the other, then, the birth canal will also be contorted, so it could make it harder for the baby to be delivered, could also create some problems for you, as the mother, of sciatica because as your body twists, it's going to pull on the piriformis muscles, make one leg higher than the other. Ultimately, it can make your pregnancy much more uncomfortable. We have a lot of patients that have had reflux and digestive issues while going through pregnancy and then, once they started under care, their nervous system was balanced, their body was balanced and it made everything much better, much more comfortable.

I mean, think about it, you add an extra 30, 40, some people, 50, 60 pounds while you're pregnant, that's going to be a whole lot of extra stress on your body. The more balanced your body is, the better you can adapt to it. Now, the other problem with being pregnant ... Well, it's not a problem, it's actually a blessing, but what happens, is your nervous system is really in control of that baby's development at first until the baby starts developing its own nervous system, then it takes over that process. You want your nervous system to maybe function on 100%, right? All cylinders.  Because it's trying to create this perfect little baby inside of you. At first, you want to make sure your body's balanced, there's no interference, nothing affecting your body's own ability to create and get this whole new baby thing started. Keeping your body aligned will allow for a healthier baby, will allow for a healthier Mama, which in turn, creates a much better pregnancy.

Find an upper cervical doctor near you, make sure that your head's on straight, so the rest of your body stays straight when you go through the pregnancy, then it's the best, most beautiful thing that God's blessed you with and I'm sure it will be. Find an upper cervical doctor near you. If you live in the Charlotte area, give us a call. Gastonia, Belmont, South Carolina, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Matthews, Pineville. Give our office a call. We'd be happy to check you to make sure you are balanced. We never charge for a consultation to see what your needs are. If we feel like we can help you and help make your pregnancy even better, then we certainly will tell you and if we can't we'll tell you that too and we'll find someone else who can. Hope you have a great day. Give your office a call. 704-588-5560 and let's check and see if maybe there's something we can do to make you have a better pregnancy. Hope you have a great day. Look forward to meeting you. Bye-bye.