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Allergies season in Charlotte North Carolina

Posted in Allergies, Asthma, Health on Apr 18, 2018

It's April and here in North Carolina and the pollen is flowing like crazy. You wake up every morning with a brand new yellow car, whether you want one or not. So let's talk a little bit about allergies and where do allergies actually come from. Let’s say you and I were to go outside and work in the yard for a few minutes and all of the sudden my eyes start watering and my nose starts running. I start coughing, maybe my eyes start to itch. Well, you on the other hand did not react that way. You act perfectly normal. So what's the difference between you and I?

Well, that’s an immune function response. So what's happening is, my body looks at what's going on in the environment and the pollen or whatever the allergen may be, my body's reacting in a self-defensive mechanism. It believes the pollen is hurting my body. So what it wants to do is get rid of it. How is the best way to do that? Well, maybe your eyes water to flush it out of your eyes. Maybe your sinuses open up to drain it out of your sinuses. Maybe you start coughing or sneezing to get it out of your lungs. So that's my body's way of reacting to what my body sees as something that's going to hurt it.


Now, your body on the other hand doesn't react that way because your body recognizes the pollen, or whatever the allergen may be, as something that's not harmful to the body, something that's not going to hurt you. So, as a result, you do not create those self-defensive symptoms to try to protect yourself. The difference between my body and your body is that your body is actually wired properly. It means your immune function is normal. Your immune system is working the way it's intended, the way it is supposed to.

Not in a self-defensive mechanism, because it doesn't understand what is going on. So what controls this immune response? Well, it's actually the nerve system. More specifically the brain stem, which comes out of the top two bones in the neck. What we have found is if the nerve system is interfered with at the level of the brain stem, which is in the upper cervical spine, then that mis-wiring of the nerve system creates allergies or the allergic reaction or the self defense mechanism that creates all the symptoms that go along with allergies.

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That’s not just seasonal stuff. It could be cats, dog, dander. It could be certain food allergies. It could be certain chemicals. We have some people that have come in here and they're allergic to everything under the sun. So it's not just the seasonal or the stuff that's in the air. It could be anything at all that your body's reacting to abnormally, which could be considered an allergen or an allergy.

So what we do at the Upper Cervical Spine Center is we check to see if there's maybe something interfering with your normal immune function. Which means there's something going on in the nerve system, specifically the brain stem area, that could be creating these allergic reactions or the allergic response. If you have pressure at the top of the neck then that very likely could be what's causing your allergies and your allergic reactions.


So if you do then we'll explain to you what we need to do to correct the cause. Remove the interference and get the nerve system wired properly so your immune function and your immune responses are normal and they don't react to things that are not going to hurt you typically, you know allergens for example. If you live in the Charlotte or surrounding area. That's Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Gastonia, Huntersville, Cornelius, Mint Hill, Pineville, Mathews. Anywhere in the surrounding Charlotte area, call our office today. 707-588-5560.

Let's get you in for a free consultation. We never charge for a consultation to see what your needs are, to see if it's something that we think we can help you with and what's exactly causing these allergies. If we can help you, we'll explain to you what we need to do. If we can't then we'll try to refer you to another specialist that we can help you.

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Matter of fact, if you go ahead and you call today and make your appointment. We'll give you a free copy of my book. It's called “The Best Kept Secret In Healthcare”. It's all about your nerve system and how your body reacts and what keeps you alive and healthy and keeps you thriving. There's a chapter in here on kids if you have kids with any kind of health concerns. Not only does it help teach you how to get well but also how to stay well, which is a lot more important.


So if you don't live in the Charlotte area, please do yourself a favor. Find the closest upper cervical doctor near you and get in and get checked to see if maybe there's something going on at the top of your neck that could be causing your allergies. Give us a call. If not, if you're the Charlotte area, we look forward to seeing you soon. We hope you have a great day.

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