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9% of Americans suffer from depression

Posted in Depression, Health on Jun 15, 2018

Research now shows that 9% of Americans suffer from depression, 3.4% they would classify as severe depression, possibly even with suicidal tendencies. That made me think, we have a lot of patients who to our office certain health ailments, pain, and a lot of times, depression is associated with that.

Well, as the pain goes away, it makes sense that now the depression goes with it. But we have had some people that were diagnosed clinically depressed that didn't necessarily have the pain syndromes that also improved. You're probably thinking, well, how does upper cervical chiropractic have anything to do with depression? How does the spine affect how you feel?

  Well, let me tell you story about Michael. This was several months back, but Michael came to our office. Actually, his mom drug him to our office. Michael was in his early fifties at this time. Michael was living in his mom's basement and was suicidal depressed. I actually asked him straight up, "So, Michael, you feel like you want to kill yourself sometimes?" He said, "Yeah. Absolutely." His mom, sitting right next to him, just tears running down her face. I'm like, "Well, what do you do in that situation?"

He said, "Well, I can feel it as it's coming on where I just have this feeling that I just don't want to live anymore. I've gotten to where I can tell my mom and she usually will hide the gun and make sure that it's not anywhere where I can find it." Mom is just boo-hooing, wiping the tears away.                       

Michael starts to tell me a story. He says, "Well, it all started about nine years ago." That's when his depression started. It was about January, February. He started to feel the symptoms come on. By March, he didn't want to go to work. By April, he had lost his job. By May, he had actually moved into his mom's basement. Now, this wasn't just an ordinary guy. Michael actually was a Bank of America executive. Upper level executive at one of the largest banks in the world.

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Depression Help In Charlotte

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He drove the BMW, had the nice condo downtown, Charlotte, overlooking the city. Within five months, Michael went from having the world in the palm of his hands to living in his mom's basement, thinking about killing himself. I asked Michael, I said, "So, what happened, Michael? What happened prior to that? What happened prior to January?" "Oh, nothing." "Okay. Any falls? Any injuries? Any traumas to your head, neck, back? Any accidents? Any sports injuries?" "No, can't think of anything."

Mom and Michael looking at each other, still can't think of anything. Finally, his mom says, "You know what? Wait a minute. Wasn't that the Christmas that you slid off the road because we had that snow on Christmas Eve and you were going to pick up your sister and your car slid off the road and had that accident?" "Yeah. Yeah. You're right. You're right." Then Michael was like, "You know what?" He goes, "And I was actually driving my sister's car because two weeks prior to that, I got rear-ended and my car was in shop.

So, I was driving her car. So, I had two accidents within two weeks." I'm like, a-ha. I wonder if there's a relationship. Michael had two accidents in December. January, started to feel different. February, started to feel much different. By March, didn't want to go to work. By April, his whole life crumbled. He lost his job. By May, he was living in his mom's basement, thinking about killing himself. Well, we went ahead and x-rayed Michael. We found he definitely had a misalignment at the top of his neck, the area that houses the brainstem, right up here, right underneath the head. We checked him and we found pressure at the brainstem. So, we started adjusting him. Within three weeks, Michael's whole personality changed.

He started coming in smiling at the front desk. He was joking around with the staff. Within six weeks, Michael was driving himself to our office, the first time he had done that in eight or nine years. Within three months, Michael had a job and he was building up his income, was ready to go back out on his own, and get his life back.

All of this within three months because something happened. I'm just having to tell the world about this because there's no telling how many hundreds of thousands of people that this has happened to, that had never put the relationship of some sort of trauma to their head, neck, back, that could have created a misalignment in the neck that could now change the course of their life, and they have no idea.

They get on these medications, which a lot of times medications can actually make the symptom worse, even lead to suicidal tendencies and potentially make their life even worse than it was before the medication. Now, how could this all possibly happen? Well, what happens within the brain is it's not just a spark, it's not just a flash that goes off somewhere in the brain. Every thought, every memory, every emotion travels from the brain to the brainstem, to the brain in a circuit.

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Well, if you have a normal thought, a happy thought, and it travels to the brainstem, and if there's a misalignment there at the top of the neck, then it can alter the emotion, it can alter the thought. Like stepping on a garden hose. What you have going into the brainstem isn't what comes out. It goes to the other part of the brain that interprets it. So, maybe the initial intention is right, happiness or a normal thought. But it gets altered before it gets to the part it's interpreted.

Now, the thought is altered. The emotion is altered. If it was happy, now it's sad. It was normal and now it's abnormal. Whatever that abnormal may be is what you're reflecting, it's what your body senses. That's how a simple, little three-ounce bone at the top of the neck could be a little bit out of its normal position. Remember, there's no pain perception in the brain or brainstem. You don't necessarily have to have neck pain to have a misalignment there that could be altering how your brain operates.

If we can find that and we make a very specific adjustment to that upper part of the neck and get that bone perfectly repositioned.  Now the thought is no longer impeded. Now that happy thought, that normal emotion that travels to the brainstem to another part of the brain is unimpeded, it arrives as it's intended, if it starts happy, it ends happy, however the emotion may be. It can all be affected right there. If you have depression or suicidal tendencies, anxiety, panic attacks, give our office a call. I promise you, if you call and you tell me you saw this video, we will sit down and talk to you, find out what your needs are, have the full consultation at no charge.

Now, if we think we can help you, we'll explain to you what we need to do from there. Probably would be some x-rays and go through a more thorough examination. If we don't think we can help you, at least you'll know. You can rule this out, check this off the list, move on to something else. But if we can help you, just like Michael, it could literally change, from this day forward, the rest of your life. If you don't live in the Charlotte area, please find an upper cervical doctor near you.

Google it. Call our office if you can't find one. We'll do our best to find one for you. But if you do live in the Charlotte or surrounding area, Huntersville, Cornelius, Gastonia, Belmont, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Matthews, Pineville, give our office a call. Come on in. Let's see if maybe some trauma, some accident, maybe years ago has now led to the point of you having not feeling like you should, not living the life that you should. Give our office a call. 704-588-5560.

Come on it. Let's check you. Let's see what's going on. Let's see if maybe we can alter the course of the rest of your life in just a few short weeks or months. Thank you for tuning in. If you know anyone that has depression, if you know anyone that's not living the life that you think that they should be living, please share this video with them. Pass this on. We've got to tell the world about this. Thank you for tuning in. We look forward to seeing you soon.  

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