An Ideal Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Date: Mar 11, 2019
An Ideal Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (MC), is a complicated medical condition with no known cause. This syndrome arises when you experience fatigue and a drop in activity levels for at least six months that cannot be ...
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Chiropractic treatment for neck spasm

Date: Dec 13, 2018
Hi, Dr. Ray Drury here with the Upper Cervical Spine Center, and I want to talk to you about neck spasms or back spasms. Where do muscle spasms come from? What causes a muscle to spasm? First of all, what a spasm is, is when a muscle contracts continuously and doesn't want to let ...
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Relationship between chiropractic and hearing loss

Date: Dec 10, 2018
Hi. Doctor Ray Drury with you, from the Upper Cervical Spine Center. Today we want to talk to the relationship between chiropractic and hearing loss, often referred to as eustachian tube dysfunction. What we have found is, that a lot of times when people come to us with hearing loss, they look at the ear, ...
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Welcome Dr. Ray Drury to Charlotte Today

Posted in Chiropractic
Date: Nov 3, 2018
Watch Video Female Host - If you live in chronic pain, you know how terrible it can be, and if you feel like you've tried just about everything to make it go away, sit up and pay attention to our next guest. Male Host - Welcome Dr. Ray Drury with Upper ...
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