Recently we’ve had a lot of patients coming in with breathing issues. Asthmas, bronchitis, emphysemas, and I want you to know that if you have a breathing issue that there’s very good likelihood that it could be coming from something going on within you, not necessarily something without you. We’ve had enough patients over our 25 years with all types of breathing disorders that have totally responded from making sure their nervous system was functioning at 100% because you see the nerves that go from the brain go down, they control the bronchiole tubes causing them to open up to dilate or to constrict. They control the lungs; they control your immune function. If a bone’s out of line in the top of the neck, then what it does like stepping on a garden hose, it’ll interfere with the normal messages from the brain telling your lungs, bronchioles, immune functions, what to do and how to do it.

The message gets impeded, like stepping on a garden hose, if it doesn’t get there, let’s say the bronchial tubes for example, and you’re needing more oxygen, your heart needs more oxygen, your body, and so your body’s saying, “Hey, we need more oxygen. Let’s open up to allow more air flow.” Well, you’re trying to breathe but your bronchial tubes don’t get the message. They don’t open up. You don’t get the full amount, full volume of air that you need, so you start to have symptoms of asthma. You start to have symptoms where you can’t breathe like you’re trying to because you can’t get the openings enough.

Now what happens? You take medication, you do inhalers. What that does is that stimulates the nerves that control the bronchial tubes and forces them to open. Well, sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. But if you can naturally make sure that all the communication from your brain to your lungs are 100%, then the likelihood of everything working the way it’s designed to work, when it needs to work, is much higher.

We have a lot of people that have come in that their breathing issues have disappeared because their nervous system function the way it was intended. We’ve had emphysema disappear and their bodies heal up to where they start to now breathe like they’re designed to breathe again. My recommendation is if you have any type of breathing issues, find an upper cervical doctor. Let someone check to see if maybe your breathing problems aren’t coming from a drug deficiency because they don’t normally. It could be coming from something actually going on within your body that’s preventing that part of the body to work the way it’s designed, the way it’s intended to work. Find an upper cervical doctor near you, let them just check you. It usually takes 10 minutes to check to see if maybe there’s some interference between your brain and your body that could be creating your breathing problems. If so, they’ll correct it. They remove the interference. Now all of a sudden, the normal message from the brain gets to the lung, the way it’s designed, things work the way they’re supposed to. It’s really sounds too simple, but it’s really that simple.