Just about every new patient we see checks “allergies” on their paperwork. Many, many people suffer from allergies, especially in the springtime, and maybe in the fall, when pollen is coming in. Why is it that some people deal with allergies and some people don’t? I’m sure you know that mom who has kids and one of their kids, every time they go outside, they’re coughing, sneezing, eyes watering, while the other kid doesn’t have any issues. They have the same mom and dad and they’re in the same environment, but for some reason only one gets allergies. Why is that? What we found in our office is it is all due to the nervous system. The nervous system controls every single cell organ and tissue in our body, including the immune system.

When we have allergies or allergic responses like eyes watering, nose running, coughing, maybe a rash develops, this is all because there is something in our body that our immune system is trying to fight. Take pollen for example. In someone with allergies, pollen goes into their system and the immune system says, “Hey, we need to get this out of the body.” We start coughing, or our nose runs to get it out of our sinuses, or our eyes water. Again, this is all as a fighting response to get this out of our bodies. When we don’t have allergic symptoms, the pollen just goes right through us like normal because the brain knows that it’s not going to hurt us. What we found in our office is if we can take the pressure off the nervous system (pressure that occurs at the top of the neck, at the level of the brainstem) we can start to allow the brain to tell the immune system, “Hey, that pollen, it’s not a problem. Hey, the pet dander, it’s not an issue. Just let it travel through our system.” Thus, we see allergies like the eyes watering, the coughing, the nose running; it goes away all because the nervous system is now communicating with our immune system exactly as it should.