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Jeff Standish Migraine Headaches

Dr. Hartman:

Hey guys, it’s Dr. Hartman here at the Upper Cervical Spine Center in the Charlotte area. That Charlotte area includes Pineville, Rock Hill, Mint Hill, Cornelius, the Ballantyne area, even Davidson. We have patients that actually will drive … The average patient drives about an hour to be here, so if you’re in that area take advantage of this opportunity.

Today we’ve got a special guest here. Jeff Standish, and before he came into this office, we had the opportunity to meet at UNC Charlotte, and he was just not in a good place. He was diagnosed with thunderclap headaches, which I’ve never even heard of that before until he told me about it. Just really not living up to his potential. I just wanted to have him talk about his process, and his journey here.

Jeff  Standish:

Absolutely. I was having some terrible migraine headaches that no doctors could really seem to give me the answer to. I was throwing a lot of money at it. I had CT scans done. I talked to neurologist after neurologist. After spending a couple of thousand dollars, and really having no answers, some meds thrown at me, I decided to come and see Dr. Hartman.

We took some x-rays and he said “Hey, here’s your problem right here.” One or two adjustments later, I could feel a noticeable difference like nothing before. Not only did that symptom improve, did my thunderclap headaches improve, but every ailment that doctors couldn’t give me the answer to, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, seem to lessen and lessen the longer I’ve been coming to see Dr. Hartman.

Dr. Hartman:

It’s crazy. I know one thing we talked about was finances, because it was so tough for him. He told me he spent thousands and thousands of dollars, to really to get pictures that don’t tell you anything. Unfortunately it’s just put him in a bad place. Jeff that’s an awesome story, man.

Where do you really see your life, and I know we’ve got a newlywed here, which is super exciting, but where do you see the future for you and your family from here?

Jeff  Standish:

I’m really thinking I’m going to get into helping people get healthier, hopefully healing from within. Using exercise, nutrition, and tapping into the body’s natural reservoir of health.

Dr. Hartman:

Reservoir. That’s it. He’s living his life inside out, and that’s what we want for all these patients here. Again, in the Charlotte area, the Ballantyne, the Mid Hill, the Cornelius, the Davidson, even the Concord.

We love taking care of UNC Charlotte students because they deserve to have their health working as good as they do. You guys have a great day. Look forward to seeing you in here.

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