Nurse Infected With Ebola One Week Later Ebola Free?

Nurse Infected With Ebola One Week Later Ebola Free?

Nurse Infected With Ebola One Week Later Ebola Free?

WHAT?  How can someone get infected with the “deadly” Ebola virus and one week later be clear of the virus?  Did she get some high-powered antibiotic that killed the virus?  Did she take some anti-virus drug that cleaned the virus from her body?  Did the virus just decide to jump ship and not devour her body from the inside out or did her body wake up and kick that virus’s butt?

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First, let’s start by answering the not-so-obvious questions.  AntiBIOTIC means the same as antiBACTERIAL.  Antibiotics can kill bacteria short term, but they have no effect on a virus.  This is why you should never take an antibiotic when you have a cold or flu, because it only kills the good bacteria that helps defend your body against bad bacteria.  Antibiotics have no effect on a cold or flu, because they are viruses.  So, it was not an antibiotic that cleared the Ebola virus from her body.


Is there an anti-virus medication that could have killed the Ebola virus?  No.  There are no such medications.  Nothing can kill a virus but the body’s own immune system.  The symptoms are often treated with medications, which makes the patient more comfortable but does nothing to remove the virus itself.

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So now we are left with:  “Did the virus decide to jump ship or did her body wake up and kick that virus’s butt?”  A virus is a parasitic organism, meaning it has to have another organism to live off of or it will die.  So a virus won’t just “jump ship.”  It will stay in the host organism until it either thrives or dies.  In this case, the virus got its butt whipped!  The nurse who was infected with the “deadly” Ebola virus had an immune system that was strong and up to the task of defending her body, the host organism, thus eradicating the Ebola virus from her body.

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In the case of ANY infection, whether it be viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic, the bug can only survive if the body is not strong enough to fight it off or remove it.  If your body’s immune system is working as it should, nothing can infect your body, not even the “deadly” Ebola virus.


How do you make sure your immune system is strong enough to defend your body?  Your immune system is entirely controlled by your nerve system, so you have to make sure that your nerve system is working at 100% capacity.  The only way to do that is to have your nerve system checked by someone who specializes in making sure it is functioning correctly, an Upper Cervical chiropractor.  You can find an Upper Cervical chiropractor near you at

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