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Gastroparesis treated by chiropractic


Gastroparesis used to be an almost unheard-of condition and now it seems to be something becoming more and more prevalent. I mean, even 10-12 years ago, I had heard of gastroparesis, but never met anyone that had had it. Lately, I’ve had several patients that have come in with gastroparesis, good results I’m happy to say.  Gastroparesis is basically when the stomach just becomes paralyzed. It just quits working the way it’s normally supposed to work. It can’t process food, so what happens is typically they have a lot of stomach pain, cramps, but when they eat they oftentimes will throw it back up.

I had a patient by the name of Nick. He was probably 15-16 years old when he first came to me. How he got to me was a patient of mine was in my patient orientation class and at the end of the class, he came up to me and he said, “Hey, Dr. Drury, the guy I work for, Nick’s dad, his son is in the hospital at Duke University. He’s been there for 30 days. He’s lost 27 pounds. They’re feeding him on an IV and they say there’s nothing they can do for him. They called it gastroparesis and they’re going to leave the hospital tomorrow.” He’s like, “Do you think there’s anything that you could do? Do you think maybe an upper cervical misalignment could be causing his problem?”

I said, “Well, let’s think about it this way. The stomach quit working. Right? What controls the stomach? Nerves. Nerve messages tell the stomach what to do and how to do it. Well, how do the nerves get to the stomach? They come up through the spinal cord to the brain. The brain is the mechanism, it’s the powerhouse. Where is the only place in the entire spinal cord, without having some sort of gross deformity, that the messages between the brain and the stomach could be interfered with? Well, that happens to be at the atlas or axis, the top two cervical bones, the top two bones in the neck. That’s the only place in the whole spinal column that you can actually have a misalignment to the point it can interfere with the messages from the brain to the stomach, causing the stomach now to not work the way it’s intended.” He asked me, “Can I give your number to my boss and see if he can talk to you about this? Maybe he can get Nick in to get him checked to see if maybe you can help him” I’m like, “Absolutely.”

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Before I got home, which is about a 20-minute drive, Nick’s father called my cell phone and said:  “Look, I’m going to pick Nick up tomorrow at the hospital. Is there any way we can bring him over and have you check him to see if there’s an upper cervical problem causing it?” I said, “Absolutely.” We were able to get him in the next day. When I saw Nick, man, he was emaciated. He’s not a big kid to begin with, but he already lost 27-28 pounds, was carrying around a little bag that was feeding him through an IV so he didn’t die. I X-rayed him. We scanned him. We found he definitely had a problem at the top of his neck. We made one correction, one correction at the top of his neck and while he was laying down, we have a rest area, you lay down and let everything settle in.  I go in to get him up at the rest area. I walk in, his dad’s wiping his eyes. I’m like, “Everything okay?” He looked up at me and he said, “He just said he was hungry. He hasn’t said that in 30 days.” I’m like, “It sounds like a pretty good start.”

I went back and we checked him again. We have an instrument, like I said, and this time, it looked great. Everything, all the communication was opened up from his brain to his body and things started to improve. The very next day he ate a baked potato. That’s the first thing he had had in 30 or 31 days. The day after that he ate his first full meal. Within three weeks, Nick gained all his weight back, was back out on the baseball field where ultimately, he led his high school team, to the state championship where he got the MVP of the tournament. Ultimately, Nick wound up getting a full scholarship to play baseball, college baseball, at a division one school. That’s pretty awesome.

Now, where would Nick be today had somebody not been in my class and told him about upper cervical. I don’t know, but probably wouldn’t be in college. Now, I wanted to get this message out because I just even heard on the radio the other day that they were raising money for some lady to have a gastroparesis surgery and they talked about the drugs that they were on. All these people started calling in, so I didn’t realize there was that many people out there with gastroparesis. I knew it was becoming more and more aware, but holy cow, just listen to the radio. I wanted to create this blog because I need the world to know that there is hope for gastroparesis and it does not come in a pill, potion, or lotion. You don’t have too many body parts, so going and cutting things out is crazy to me to try to fix something that started on the inside, the problem is on the inside, so taking stuff out of the inside isn’t going to fix it.

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If you have gastroparesis or you know someone that has gastroparesis, please share this blog with them. If you live in the Charlotte area, call our office because we can tell you if you have an upper cervical problem that we believe is contributing or causing your gastroparesis. If there is, we’ll explain to you what we need to do to fix it. If there’s not, at least we’ll rule that out and we will try to find someone else that we think can help you. We’ll refer you to another specialist gladly if we think they can help you.

Now, if you live anywhere in the Charlotte area, Gastonia, Mint Hill, Cornelius, Lake Wylie, Lake Norman, give our office a call at 704-588-5560. You can go to our website if you want to learn a little bit more, We have other blogs there I think can give you some more information. If you don’t live in the Charlotte area, do yourself a favor, find an upper cervical doctor near you that can help you with your gastroparesis. If you can’t find one, call our office. We’ll be happy to look around to see who we know in your area that maybe can help you.  I wish you the really best. Please share this blog. More people need to know the truth, so they can get off the drugs and quit being cut on. Hope you have a great day. We look forward to meeting you one day.

Dr. Ray Drury

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