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Fibromyalgia Condition


In my 24 years of practice I would say we’ve had more fibromyalgia patients than any other condition. I think there’s a lot of reasons. The biggest reason is that medicine has a hard time just treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia.  Then it also seems that one fibromyalgia patient comes in and they know 10 others, and so the next thing you know we have a lot of them all coming at the same time.

I want to take a couple minutes just to explain to you a little bit about how upper cervical chiropractic has had such good results and why it can affect fibromyalgia. What happens is most of the time with fibromyalgia people have a lot of muscular skeletal pain and discomfort. Neck pain, often times headaches, upper back, sometimes it goes down the arms, sometimes down the legs, sometimes in the lower back. I don’t know that any two fibromyalgia patients have the exact same symptoms, but most of the time they have a hard time sleeping and chronic fatigue. They have body aches, often they have digestive problems, maybe reflux, irritable bowel, and when you add everything up, it can lead to depression.

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What we have found is all of our fibromyalgia patients have one thing in common and that is is a misalignment at the very top of the neck. How could a bone at the top of the neck affect the entire body? In two ways. Let’s talk about the communication, the brain to the body communication. All communication to the body come from the brain. It goes through the brainstem at the very top of the neck and then it sends messages down to the arms, the legs, the back, the hips, the knees, so if the communication is interfered with then those parts of the body don’t get the full message telling them what and how to do it so they don’t work the way they should. Muscles become tight, the body compensates and kind of contorts itself. A lot of times you’ll see fibromyalgia patients they’ll have a little bit of a head tilt or maybe a low shoulder because their body’s gets twisted.  This makes some of their muscles get weak and some get contracted which leads to fatigue and pain.


Another very big part of this is the brainstem.  The brainstem comes out of the head and then goes through the top two bones.  The brainstem sends all of the messages from the brain to every organ and system in your body.  If a bone in the upper cervical spine was misaligned it could effect the nerve singnals going to any part of your body.  This can effect your digestive system, your immune system, your reproductive system, any where.   Very important for fibromyalgia sufferers is that the sleep center resides in the heart of the brainstem. If a bone gets out of alignment at the top of the neck it can actually prevent the body from shutting itself down and getting through all four stages of sleep.  If your body never gets into deep sleep it never fully heals.  That means the muscles keep wearing down and getting more fatigued and painful.


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A good example of this would be say you went to the gym everyday and just worked our your biceps. You’re constantly wearing down those biceps, but if you never give the biceps enough time to heal those muscles  always stay sore and painful. Think about it this way, you’re constantly fighting against gravity, you have postural muscles, you’re moving, turning, bending.  You need to get into deep sleep so those muscles can regenerate and heal before you go and start using them again. If your body’s never getting into stage four deep sleep and fully healing from the previous day, then you’re constantly just wearing down the same muscles, and wearing them down, and wearing them down, and wearing them down, so they hurt and you have neck pain, and back pain, and hip pain, and arm pain, leg pain.

Then you go to your medical doctor and what do they do? Typically they’re going to give you a prescription, a medication. What’s that going to do? Is it going to fix the fibromyalgia? I don’t think you have a drug deficiency, so taking medications isn’t going to fix it. It might mask the symptoms temporarily but they’re still there, you just don’t sense it in your brain. The traditional medical route hasn’t been very successful, most of you know that if you have fibromyalgia. What we have to do is figure out what is CAUSING your fibroyalgia.   There is something going on within you and if we can find that and we can correct it, then the body can actually function as it’s supposed to and it can heal itself with no medications.

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What we do at Upper Cervical Spine Center is we do a thorough evaluation of what’s going on at the top of the neck and determine if you have a problem that we think we can help you with.  We never charge for a consultation, it’s always free to come in and sit down with one of our doctors to see if you might be a candidate, if you might have an upper cervical problem we think could be creating your fibromyalgia. If so we’ll explain to you what we need to do to find out exactly what’s causing your fibromyalgia.  If we don’t find that you have an upper cervical problem creating your symptoms then we’ll be happy to find another specialist  that we can refer you to.

If you’re not in Charlotte find the closest upper cervical doctor to you. If you’re in the Charlotte area give us a call today at 704-588-5560.  We would be happy to setup your free consultation to talk to one of our doctors to see if we can help you with your fibromyalgia. If you have any questions give our office a call.  We will be happy to answer any questions we can. We look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Ray Drury

As a second-generation upper cervical doctor, Dr. Ray Drury feels privileged to have an opportunity to serve his fellow North Carolinians. A native of Kentucky, Dr. Drury chose the Charlotte area as the perfect location to open a family practice and is proud to call Mecklenburg County home. He is one of a small but distinguished group of doctors who practice upper cervical care as their chosen area of expertise. Dr. Drury has been in private practice for over 22 years and has received numerous awards and recognition for his continued devotion to the upper cervical profession. Having developed a reputation as one of the most experienced upper cervical doctors in the world, Dr. Drury specializes in helping people who have been told there is no hope. His ability to help the worst of the worst cases has attracted patients to his Charlotte office from all over the world. His book, The Best-Kept Secret in Health Care, an Amazon Best-Seller in four categories, has been teaching people all over the world how to get their health and life back through upper cervical chiropractic.

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