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All you need to know about allergies

Hi, I'm Dr. Zach Shaw with the Upper Cervical Spine Center here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Just about every new patient we see checks “allergies” on their paperwork. Many, many people suffer from allergies, especially in the springtime, and maybe in the fall, when pollen is coming in

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Non-invasice natural chiropractic treatment versus medicine allergy

I'd like to take a minute to discuss with you a natural noninvasive approach to treating your pain versus medicine, and to potential allergic reactions and side effects. Chiropractic is the number one noninvasive approach to musculoskeletal pain.

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Pateints with medicine allergies can treat their conditions using upper cervical chiropractic

I want to take a minute to share with you how people with medicine allergies can really get help through upper cervical chiropractic treatment. So there is quite a large population in the United States that have negative reactions to your typical over the counter medications like your Tylenol, ibuprofen acetaminophen, Advil and those reactions can be quite detrimental

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Where do allergies come from? Charlotte Chiropractic

Hi. My name is Dr. Ray Drury with the Upper Cervical Spine Center, and allergy season is officially on its way. The Charlotte area is about to be covered in yellow soon enough from all the pollen. People often ask me, "Where do allergies come from?"

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Allergies and breathing issues solved by Chiropractic

Hi, I'm Dr. Ray Drury, with the Upper Cervical Spine Center, and more recently we've had a lot of patients coming in with breathing issues. Asthmas, bronchitis, emphysemas, and I want you to know that if you have a breathing issue that there's very good likelihood that it could be coming from something going on within you, not necessarily something without you.

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Allergies season in Charlotte North Carolina

It's April and here in North Carolina and the pollen is flowing like crazy. You wake up every morning with a brand new yellow car, whether you want one or not. So let's talk a little bit about allergies and where do allergies actually come from.

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